With a Thermalution heated vest, you can dive with a significantly thinner wetsuit and remain toasty warm. This gives the added advantages of reduced weight, greater freedom improved air consumption and enjoying your diving more by remaining warm.

Charge your Thermalution batteries on the go with this handy car charger!   This adaptor allows you to connect you charger to a cigarette lighter found in most vehicles - Read More

AU$ 39.00

Compact Dive Series Waterproof Heated Diving provides optimal comfort and durability in colder water. –  Rashguard T-shirt Style –  Keep You Warm in Wetsuit –  Heat Upper Back Core Area –  70 Meters/230 Feet Diving Depth –  1.5… - Read More

AU$ 799.00

The Thermalution 15 m Surf Series is a battery-heated, short sleeve thermal vest made from a premium blend of nylon and lycra and can be worn under a wet suit or even a winter jacket. The ThermalTek® heating elements incorporated into the back panel… - Read More

AU$ 599.00

Two Extra/Replacement Batteries for Thermalution heated under suits. Blue Grade   Surf Series 15m   Compact Dive Series 70mSPE-002-E 7.4V / 4.4Ah + Yellow Grade Plus   Red Grade + Red Grade Plus - Read More

AU$ 350.00

The Blue Grade is an intermediate level, power-heated thermal vest from Thermalution's range of under suits. It is the first suit to use a Close Proximity Sensor (CPS) to control the temperature settings. Powered by two 7.4 volt / 2.2 Ah lithium polymer… - Read More

AU$ 733.00

Yellow Plus 2.0

The all new Thermalution Wireless Yellow Grade 2.0 is the most versatile heated undersuit for any recreational or professional divers of all kinds. It sports a new, sleek design made of neoprene and has velcro material on the sides of the vest, allowing… - Read More

AU$ 1,350.00