Scuba Gear PackagesWhether you are new to the sport of scuba diving or are a seasoned professional, a scuba gear package is the most economical way to buy your dive equipment. At the same time, you ensure that the equipment is balanced in terms of performance and comfort.

Scuba Gear Packages

Package includes Hollis Solo Harness, with the S38LX wing, black aluminium back plate, single tank adaptor with bolt kit and two cam bans. - Read More

AU$ 999.00

This package has been designed with the female in mind. The Package is built around the HERA BCD, combined with an Air xs, Delta 5 EDX, Geo computer, and lightweight SPG The Oceanic HERA is a BCD built from the ground up for females designed specifically… - Read More

AU$ 2,429.00

Bringing together exotic materials, groundbreaking design, and superior manufacturing in perfect harmony, Atomic Aquatics has produced the ultimate scuba gear package, "The Best in Dive". This package is perfect for those divers who want to ensure that… - Read More

AU$ 6,195.00

This Hollis Tec package includes Hollis’ HD200 BCD, the Hollis LX 200 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator, Hollis LX100 Occy and Hollis Slimline Pressure Gauge. Hollis HD200 BCD Comfort and Tech in one. The Hollis HD200 LX Scuba Package includes the Hollis HD200… - Read More

AU$ 1,999.00

This package is what our Master Instructors recommend as the perfect package for keen divers who want the most out of their diving. The package consists of an Excursion BCD, SE500 regulator, Octo Z inflator regulator, and Veo 4.0 Navcon computer. - Read More

AU$ 2,299.00

This Package is designed around what our Master Instructors choose as the dive gear that they use. The package consists of an Excursion BCD with Octo Z, SE500 regulator, OCi computer and is the perfect scuba package for the keen professional. For maximum… - Read More

AU$ 3,649.00

This package consists of an SMS 75, 500 SE DCX w 84 Inch Hose, two 6”HP hoses with low profile SPG’s. The 2nd 6"HP hose and low profile SPG can be mounted to your exisitng reg to make this your 2nd sidemount reg system. Package also includes SMS rigging… - Read More

AU$ 2,449.00

Built with the traveller in mind, this package consists of the Biolite travel BCD, Octo Z, Hollis SE500 DC7 regulator. It allows for the fact that most divers at this level already have their own dive computer/guages, This travel package gives you the… - Read More

AU$ 1,769.00

This budget scuba package, consisting of Ocean Pro GBR BCD, Oceanpro OP20/ F200 regulator is an unbalanced piston regulator and with OP20 Occy plus Ocean Pro SPG. - Read More

AU$ 999.00

The perfect scuba package for the beginner diver, with a back inflation BCD light enough to travel with, a reliable regulator and a Enriched air dive computer with blue tooth interface. - Read More

AU$ 1,799.00