Scuba Diving RegulatorsAbyss Scuba Diving has the scuba regulator to personally suit the diving you’ve dreamt of doing. Our scuba regulators will suit the enormous range of different environmental conditions, individual breathing behaviors, and will match your own personal diving preferences. If you need any further product information please feel free to contact our trained instructional staff.

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Scuba Diving Regulators

Increased Safety in Out-of-Air Emergencies Lightweight, Streamline, Eliminates Backup-Regulator (Octopus) Easily-Operated with One-Hand Convenience, Reliability and Performance High Flow Second Stage High Flow Rates to Diver at Depth with Minimum … - Read More

AU$ 476.10

The Atomic T3 Regulator forges a new Titanium standard as the absolute finest regulator you can own, regardless of price. The T3 is our signature regulator, providing you unprecedented reliability and performance. Amazing light weight and dependable… - Read More

AU$ 2,429.10

Atomic Aquatics most compact and economical regulator system, the Z3 may be the least expensive of the Atomic line, but its combination of performance, ergonomics and materials are unmatched by the most expensive competitors. Built upon the B1/T1 platform,… - Read More

AU$ 881.10