Charge your Thermalution batteries on the go with this handy car charger!   This adaptor allows you to connect you charger to a cigarette lighter found in most vehicles - Read More

AU$ 39.00

Compact Dive Series Waterproof Heated Diving provides optimal comfort and durability in colder water. –  Rashguard T-shirt Style –  Keep You Warm in Wetsuit –  Heat Upper Back Core Area –  70 Meters/230 Feet Diving Depth –  1.5… - Read More

AU$ 799.00

The Thermalution 15 m Surf Series is a battery-heated, short sleeve thermal vest made from a premium blend of nylon and lycra and can be worn under a wet suit or even a winter jacket. The ThermalTek® heating elements incorporated into the back panel… - Read More

AU$ 599.00

Two Extra/Replacement Batteries for Thermalution heated under suits. Blue Grade   Surf Series 15m   Compact Dive Series 70mSPE-002-E 7.4V / 4.4Ah + Yellow Grade Plus   Red Grade + Red Grade Plus - Read More

AU$ 350.00

Yellow Plus 2.0

The all new Thermalution Wireless Yellow Grade 2.0 is the most versatile heated undersuit for any recreational or professional divers of all kinds. It sports a new, sleek design made of neoprene and has velcro material on the sides of the vest, allowing… - Read More

AU$ 1,350.00