Abyss Scuba Diving

Freediver - Coaching

AU$ 150.00

Private Coaching runs for 1.5-2 hours with one-on-one Instructor coaching in water. During training, under the guidance of the Instructor participants can expect to learn more about relaxation, innate fears, overcoming stress and improve freediving techniques. Over the session, you'll discover how to develop greater comfort and movement in the water.

Pool Sessions: Dynamic and Static Apnea

Open Water (Ocean) Sessions: Freediving for Depth and adapting to Sea Conditions

Participants may have little to no background in freediving, be certified freedivers or perhaps keen to upgrade their snorkelling experience. In a private session, the experience is targeted at your individual development to discover the best experience in learning more about freediving.

Coaching items covered during the session:
  • Relaxation and apnea performance
  • Dynamic and Static apnea (breath-hold)
  • Streamlining and technique, finning, body position, duck dive
  • Proper breathing and breath-hold development
  • Understanding breath-hold urges, and sensations
  • Equalisation practice and refinement
  • Safety - the buddy system and how to freedive safely
  • Using the right equipment

The emphasis is on developing your technical and water safety skills and abilities.