The Paralenz Dive Camera is an underwater camera built by divers, for divers. As easy to use as a flashlight - Aluminum with titanium screws - Ready to dive straight out of the box giving you beautiful footage to share with your friends. Easy!

Protect your Paralenz lens with this light weight silicon lens cover. Don't risk the damage! - Read More

AU$ 14.95

Never have to worry again! This maintenance kit has all your needs for a quick dive site fix for your Paralenz + dive camera. Includes: Spare o-rings Silicone grease Replacement magnet braces| Replacement activation switch Selector ring spare parts Spare… - Read More

AU$ 119.00

The Paralenz ball mount and tripod mount is the perfect accessory to your camera set up! - Read More

AU$ 59.00

The award-winning Paralenz+ dive action camera made for divers by divers for a life underwater. This camera has Depth controlled Colour Correction and is perfect for scuba divers and freedivers, Key Features: Automated DCC Depth controlled Color… - Read More

AU$ 799.00

The paralenz mask strap provides optimal comport and strength. This mask band gives a comfortable fit to your dive mask. The mask band is made in neoprene to provide a soft, yet strong hold. It is designed to fit all regular dive masks – just slide it… - Read More

AU$ 22.50

This Paralenz third person viewer allows you to get a third person view of you and your environment. The Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer accessory allows the Paralenz camera to be mounted your BCD with a magnet for hands free video during your dive. - Read More

AU$ 147.00

Use the Paralenz mask mount to attach your paralenz to your mask. The adjustable mask mount is designed to fit all regular diving masks – just slide it onto the strap of your mask and adjust it to the angle that suits you best. You can use it on either… - Read More

AU$ 29.00