Diving Instructor Development Course

Diving Instructor Development Course
Diving Instructor Development Course
Brand: PADI
Price: $1,099.00
Brand: PADI
Price: $1,099.00
Choosing which PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre (CDC) and a Platinum Course Director for your Instructor Development Course training is the most important decision you will make in your entire diving career. Abyss is Australia's leading PADI Instructor Development Centre (IDC), teaching over 250 instructor level certifications each year. Learn the secrets of becoming a great PADI instructor from Sydney's only Platinum Course Director.
  • 3 full time Course Directors
  • The most affordable PADI IDC Program in Australia
  • Budget Accommodation option
  • Sydney's biggest employer of dive instructors
  • Full time and weekend cource options
  • FREE pre-IDC coaching on theory & skills
  • FREE Search & Recovery Speciality Instructor Course

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Our 5 Star IDC Career Development Centre (CDC) facility is award winning and innovative; you'll soon see why.
Abyss Scuba Diving have been awarded by PADI as their 'Most Outstanding Dive Centre' in 2010 and also as 'Australia's Best Dive Centre' for 4 years in a row.Also, our chief Course Director Peter Letts has received several awards for his excellence in Instructor Development and contributions to the diving industry. It is easy to see why some many new Instructors choose Abyss!

There are many 'competent' scuba instruction courses that are available to you as a student, but when you are looking for more than simply entry-level you want the best Instruction from the most experienced and highly trained staff possible. There are many training facilities that use outside course directors to do their pro training. We have 4 full-time PADI IDC Staff Instructors; 2 PADI Master Instructors, and 2 full-time PADI Course Directors, who are all available to help you during and after your Instructor Development. That is the Abyss

IDC Program Requirements

IDC candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months
  • Be certified as a PADI Divemaster, PADI Assistant Instructor or equivalent qualifying rating.
  • Have a current medical less than 12 months old
  • Have a current First Aid certificate less than 24 months old (Can be arranged by Abyss if required)
  • Show proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives
  • Be a current PADI member
  • Have all required diving equipment
  • Have all books requested by the Course Director ( as per materials)
  • Submit copies of all Dive Certificates
To be certified as a PADI teaching status instructor you must be a EFR instructor. We run an EFR Instructor course the Monday after each IDC. You can select this when booking your IDC here.
What's Included?
You program includes several stages. Check them oyut:
FREE PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Preparation Program (2 Days)

It is important that you receive the proper preparation to make the transition into instructing a success. To help ensure your success in the program, we offer all our candidates a free 2 day PADI IDC Preparation Program which will review all your previously learnt water skills, and also cover all previously covered theory topics like physics, physiology, dive planning and the like. This program will bring all your skills up to standard for entry into your IDC Instructor Program.


FREE PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Instructor Training Course (1 Day)

PADI Search and Recovery Specialty Instructor Training is one of the most important courses you will do with our Course Director prior to doing your Instructor Development. It will prepare you to teach the difficult tasks of underwater knot tying and lift-bag use, along with other associated skills prior to your Instructor Exam. These very difficult skills to teach are typically assigned during the Instructor Exam and are a common cause of failure. We have decided to provide this specific PADI Specialty Instructor Training Program FREE to all our instructor candidates to maintain our high Instructor Examination pass rate.

PADI Instructor Development Course (8 Days)

Sydney is without a doubt one of the best learning environments in the pacific to do your Instructor development. Buzzing with activity, our leading training facility provides our professional team of IDC Staff real world knowledge of the diving industry from entry level courses upward. You will work hands on with our PADI IDC staff helping you to develop into the best Instructor you can be. Over years of experience in diver education, our experienced IDC staff have developed unique and innovative instructor training techniques and specialised workshops, designed specifically to help ensure your success at your Instructor Examination. Through this program, we are that confident that you will pass your Instructor Exam, that WE CAN GARANTEE THAT YOU WILL PASS or we will pay for your second IDC for you.

We don't need to say much more than that; now do we?

Also included in your Instructor program:
  • FREE Scuba equipment hire and air fills during your training
  • FREE additional workshops on rescue techniques and diving skills.
  • Job placement service and career counseling during and after your program.
  • The largest team of PADI professional support staff in any PADI training facility in the state.
  • Full-time course director, 3 Master Instructors, and 3 IDC Staff Instructors available to help you during your training.
  • Comprehensive choice of instructor level continuing education programs.
  • Aditional study and support materials, for use free of charge, designed to aid you pro development.

Our team will provide you with quality training, in a professional yet fun atmosphere, and unsurpassed support during and after your course. Through our extensive global network of dive professionals we are able to offer job placement services and career assistance.



PADI IDC online
Through e-learning your IDC program is now reduced by two days, giving you more time to review your dive theory and fine tune your skills with our IDC Pro Team.
You will need to have access to PADI's new IDC online! The benefit of this new innovation is that the program can now take advantage of the eLearning option, giving you and your Course Directors more time to devote to in-water sessions and workshops. The cost of the PADI IDC online is $330 +GST

Additional Fees
During your professional level training, PADI are required to process special applicaitons and fees to allow you to register your new rating or level of training. These registrations, applicaitons and examination fees are paid to PADI Asia Pacific during your program. All costs involved are outlined bellow.

All PADI fees, applicaitons and examination costs are paid directly to PADI.

  • PADI IDC Application Fee ($188 AUD)
  • PADI EFR (First Aid) Instructor Applicaiton Fee ($125.40 AUD)
  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Application Fees ($74 AUD each)
  • PADI Instructor Examination Fee ($710 AUD)
Emergency First Response Instructor Training
Prior to gaining teaching status as a PADI Instructor you must become certified as a Emergency First Response Instructor. This training takes 1 day and if run prior to your Instructor Exam.
  • EFR(First Aid) Instructor Training - To select this as part of your Instructor Training Package, simply select it as an requirment in the options above prior to purchasing your IDC. The EFRI cost is reduced by $96 AUD if it is purhcased together with your IDC program now.

Training Materials
During you IDC you will need some special Instructional Materials to help you along your way. The materials you will need that you want already have through previous training are all available in the PADI IDC Crew Pack. This is available for purchase at a discounted rate if selected with your IDC program now. You can simply select it as a requirement in the options above and save over $250 off the price of the pack. (Normal retail price is $838AUD)
You will need to have the following materials prior to your course commencement as per PADI requirements:
  • PADI Instructor Manual (Downloadable from padimembers.com )
  • PADI's Guide to Teaching *
  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Manual, or these specialty course instructor guides: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE and AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation*
  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual *
  • Recreational Dive Planner - RDP Table and eRDPML, including Instructions for Use booklets *
  • How to Use and Choose Dive Computers book *
  • Open Water Diver Quizzes and Exam booklet *
  • Adventures in Diving Manual *
  • PADI Rescue Diver Manual *
  • Rescue Diver Final Exams booklet*
  • PADI Divemaster Manual*
  • Divemaster Final Exams booklet*
  • Aquatic Cue Cards for Open Water Diver, Adventures in Diving, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving*
  • Confined Water Lesson Preparation slate*
  • Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning slate*
  • The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving *
  • Diving Knowledge Workbook or eRecord for Dive Theory Online
* Items included in IDC crew pack bought at discounted rate ($620)
*Items available from our library (fee applies)



We offer a special accommodation package for the term of th e IDC & IE combined. This is twin share accommidation, and breakfast. The accomidation is 5 minutes from the dive center. The cost for the 16 day period of the IDC, MSDT &IE is $595


Master Scuba Diver Trainer Program
A Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) is a more experienced Open Water Instructor who is much more employable and capable of teaching a large variety of PADI specialty diver courses. By becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer you'll add variety to your instructing, making teaching more fun and exciting, both for you and your students!

The Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation Course will teach you how to deliver a range of different PADI specialty diver courses. You'll start your MSDT prep prior to your PADI Instructor Examination which will also give you 3 additional days of practice presentations prior to sitting your exam.

After you start teaching dive courses, you'll need 25 student certifications prior to applying to PADI for your groovy new MSDT rating!

If you select the MSDT prep course, by the end of your program you'll be trained in how to teach:

  • PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Course
  • PADI Underwater Navigation Diver Specialty Course
  • PADI Oxygen Providers Specialty Course
  • PADI Search & Recovery Diver Specialty Course


During your MSDT prep training, PADI are required to register and certify you to teach each individual PADI specialty course. These application fees are paid directly to PADI after you are instructor certified. See bellow:

All PADI fees and applications are paid directly to PADI

  • PADI Specialty Course Instructor Application Fee ($74 AUD each PADI specialty)- Optional fees and only applicable if you applying for specialty instructor ratings
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Application Fee ($99 AUD) - You can apply for your MSDT rating once you have taught and certified 25 student divers.

Carl fallon become one of 57 Course Directors worldwide (2 in Australia) to be a Platinum Course Director. This is a massive achievement reflecting the quality of instructor training at Abyss Scuba Diving.



Carl joined Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney in the 1990's where he quickly became head Dive Instructor.


Carl FallonTraining divers in all levels of PADI courses and after gaining over a decade of industry related experience, Carl was awarded the prestigious PADI Course Director rating by James Morgan, the Vice President of PADI World Wide, at the exclusive Course Director Training Course in Malaysia.


Working side by side with PADI Course Director Peter Letts and Master Instructor Jamie Miller in delivering Divemaster, Instructor Development and Internship Programs, Abyss Scuba Diving became the only PADI Career Development Centre in New South Whales.


Carl's passion for the environment led him to start an environmental group called Botany Bay Watch. Together with PADI Asia Pacific, Carl development a unique PADI specialty course to teach divers about the environment and what steps they can take to protect it. Carl's efforts were quickly recognized by Australia's Federal Government, with him receiving special recognition to continue his work working with the community on environmental issues within his local area.


In 2006, Carl was promoted to Careers Development Manager at Abyss Scuba Diving where he further developed their Dive Internship Program, allowing him to reach a broader range of GoPRO candidates and setting Abyss Scuba Diving up as Sydney's premier PADI instructor training facility.

The high point of Carl's career was when fellow PADI Course Director Peter Letts accepted on behalf of all the Abyss Staff Members the prestigious "Most Outstanding PADI Dive Centre in Asia Pacific" award, which is highest industry award received by any training facility in New South Wales.


In recent years, Abyss Scuba Diving has continued to dominated the Australian diving industry, receiving the awards for the ‘Best Australian Dive Centre' and ‘Most Outstanding Oceanic Dealer in Australia' every year for the last 4 years. This is a true reflection of Carl's professional attitude towards the diving industry and instructor development.


Carl is one of the youngest PADI Course Directors in Asia Pacific, which gives him a unique teaching style that is extremely receptive by all ages of candidates. He brings fun and excitement into the IDC program, while ensuring that professionalism and a serious attitude is always paramount.


As Careers Development Manager of Abyss Scuba Diving, Carl will not only be able to prepare you to become a fantastic PADI Instructor, but he will be able to give you ongoing career advice. Carl has also developed an ongoing Job Placement service for all Abyss trained candidates, helping them find work when they become certified.


It is through teaching close to 1000 student divers, that Carl has extensive teaching experience and knowledge and you can definitely see his passion for the sport when he delivers his programs

Full Time or Part Time (weekend) Options.

The full time course Starts on the Saturday and Run until the following Sunday) with the EFRI Training on day 7 (Friday) and an optional Free Search & Recovery Speciality on the second Monday. The Part time IDC runs 3 Consecutive weekends. The Part Time IDC candidates will need to do the EFRI training on the same Friday as the Full Timers and may also do the Free Search & Recovery Speciality on Same Monday as the full timers.

There is a $400 premium on the part time course.

Oceanic Scuba Equipment Service Technician Course.

The ability to Service regulators and other dive equipment is a handy asset for any dive professional and it will make you considerably more employable.

Do the Oceanic Equipment service Technicians course as an add on to your Internship and along with becoming an Oceanic Service Technician and it is simple to upgrade to a PADI Equipment Speciality Instructor.

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"Scuba Service Technician Course"

Andrew on 11/4/2015 8:37:10 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: Carl is a great teacher! Patient and full of good advice and tips. This course is challenging and requires effort, but it is well worth it. Having the ability, understanding and skills to service particular regulators will make me a better diver.

"The BEST!"

Fernando Fernandes Giacomini on 2/12/2011 9:59:36 AM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: I travelled more than 14.000 km to come to Sydney and do my IDC at Abyss Scuba Diving. I have absolutely nothing to regret. The school couldn't be more professional. The Course Directors really care about you. Carl Fallon is an excellent professional and Peter Letts does everything to help you. Few times I thought it was more important for him than for me to make me pass in the exam. Peter taught me personally, recognised my difficulties and helped me to become stronger and more self confident. ... More details

"My IDC"

Phil Plant on 21/3/2011 9:09:21 AM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: What can I say. from the moment we started till when I received my qualification, the passion and dedication that both Peter and Carl and all members of staff have to all new candidates is mind blowing. I had the best time of my life on my IDC in Jan. Thanks to All, and a specail thanks to peter and Carl for the hours and extra hours they put in to help me. Phil

"The ONLY choice for your IDC"

Marty Pinkstone on 2/2/2011 3:26:43 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: There's a reason Abyss continues to win awards every year, and that's because this is a training centre that fosters top-rate professional development. Peter and Carl are both extremely knowledgeable and patient mentors and the IDC was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had, really furthering me as a diver, not just as an instructor. The quality of the training speaks for itself, the Instructor Exams went off like clockwork for our group!!!

"Great course - awesome fun!"

Guy Hardwick on 2/2/2011 2:35:05 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: Excellent support and tuition from the guys. Made the instructor exams sail by no worries :) Had a great time too!

"Go Pro - All the way with Abyss"

Brian Astruc on 3/9/2010 7:29:32 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Comments: Abyss makes you a PADI Professional by delivering an intensive and challenging IDC program with the full support of the two full time course directors Peter & Carl as well as the Abyss staff. Team Abyss has only one goal in sight for its instructor candidates and it’s to bring the best out of you. Overall, I found this program to be exhilarating, career changing, excellent prescriptive instruction and an experience filled rewarding program. This was definitely a once in a lifetime decision, so d... More details

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