Exercise With A Buddy
You Don't Need a Buddy We Can Organise One For You

Scuba diving is recognised as a form of exercise and as such is a reasonable reason to leave your home.

  • If you're exercising, you can only do so within your local government area or within 10km from your home.
  • You can only gather outside in groups of two (or, with me...

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PADI Dive Courses
Our team of highly qualified PADI Instructors are dedicated to helping divers achieve the diver training and PADI Certification courses they need.


Free Air Fills For The JAB
As a reward to divers who have had the JAB we are offering FREE air fills to anyone who has had their COVID-19 JAB.


Scuba Diving in Sydney
Located near Sydney's best scuba diving, our dive shop offers regular boat dives plus guided shore diving every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sydney's Largest PADI Dive Shop

PADI Dive Shop Online

Our dive shop is by far Sydney's largest and most active PADI dive shop, and we are staffed by scuba diving professionals and supplied by a warehouse full of a vast range of quality dive gear to meet your diving needs. Abyss employs twelve full-time PADI Dive Instructors who are all trained PADI Equipment Speciality I...