How to Become a Mermaid - with PADI Mermaid Course Options

The Magical World of Mermaid Diving

Mermaid diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore the underwater world in a whole new way. Anyone can be a mer-person, regardless of gender or age. All you need is some imagination!

Mermaiding is similar to freediving but focuses on creativity, movement and fun. Moreover, you don’t need any prior diving experience to try mermaiding! With your PADI Mermaid Instructor, you will learn how to use mermaid diving equipment, try out fun costumes, learn underwater tricks and experience the magic!  

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How to Become a Mermaid

From the surface, mermaiding might look easy enough - but there's more to it than meets the eye. To dive like a mermaid, you need the right equipment. This includes a monofin and mermaid tail specifically designed for diving, as well as snorkelling gear and maybe wetsuits or weights.

On our PADI Mermaid courses, you will learn water safety, the fundamentals of breath-hold diving, mermaid swimming skills, how best to use your mermaid equipment and some fun tricks and games. Through this program, you will gain knowledge about mermaid diving so that you can enjoy exploring the world below with confidence and safety. Trust us, there's much more to being a mermaid than just sitting on a rock and combing out your hair!

We often get asked, what is the point of mermaiding? Because it’s FUN. It’s the ultimate combination of freediving, flowing movement and play – with no competitiveness about depth or duration.

Mermaiding is a creative expression of freedom in the water that anyone can enjoy. Without even realising it, you’ll learn relaxation, breathing techniques, stretching, and fitness - all guaranteed to improve your mood and well-being, reduce your stress, and make you feel bold and confident!

With practice and some help from your PADI Mermaid Instructor, you’ll be moving gracefully through the water like a mythical sea creature in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the beautiful underwater world of mermaids and become one today!

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PADI Mermaid Training Courses

Discover Mermaid Experience

The Discover Mermaid Experience is a great introduction to the unique world of mermaiding. With support and guidance from your PADI Mermaid Instructor, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a magical creature as you glide through the water with your very own tail!

The program is suitable for all levels of experience – from beginners who’ve never tried snorkelling or freediving before, to more experienced divers looking for an exciting new challenge. All participants must be at least ten years old and in good physical health.

On the Discover Mermaid Experience, students will get an introduction to the magic of mermaid diving. Our experienced instructors will guide you as they lead you through simple mermaid activities and give you the opportunity to try swimming in a mermaid tail in confined water. Bring along your camera or GoPro too for some FINtastic photos!

The Discover Mermaid is a great way to have some fun while learning something completely unique, and you can share this special experience with your friends and family. Come Discover the magic of mermaiding today!

Mermaid Course

For those who want to take their mermaid adventures to the next level, sign up for the PADI Mermaid Course! This program combines online learning with in-water skills sessions over a one-day course and will result in your certification as a PADI Mermaid!

During this course, you will learn about mermaid diving culture, safety considerations, equipment, the fundamentals of breath-holding and freediving, rescue and problem management skills, and how your body interacts with the underwater environment. During the two confined water sessions, you will learn how to use and manage your equipment, swimming techniques, safety and rescue skills, as well as lots of mer-mazing underwater tricks!

Participants in the PADI Mermaid Course must be at least 10 years old, able to swim at least 50 metres without swimming aids, able to float or tread water for 5 minutes, and be in good physical health. As an entry-level mermaid diving course, no prior experience with diving of any kind is required.

By completing a PADI Mermaid course, you'll build the confidence and skills to explore the wonderful underwater world of mermaids, develop your own new mer-sona and become a part of something magic. Dive into your inner mermaid today – with PADI Mermaid!

Advanced Mermaid

So you’ve nailed your PADI Mermaid skills in the pool, and you’re ready to take your mermaid tail to the ocean? It’s time for PADI Advanced Mermaid!

In this program, you'll build on your PADI Mermaid certification and apply it to the open water environment. In the theory component, you'll learn how the open water environment differs from a pool or confined water (larger, deeper, more variable conditions) and learn about aquatic life - what to expect, how it can affect you, and how you avoid harm. Then, in the ocean, you’ll be introduced to open-water mermaiding techniques, including managing the environment, water skills, and safety and rescue.

Don’t forget your camera or GoPro either – you’ll want lots of photos of mermaiding with your fish friends!

To enrol in the PADI Advanced Mermaid course, you must be 12 years old or older and have a PADI Mermaid certification (or a qualifying certification from another mermaid program).

Don't miss out on the chance to take your mermaid diving and swimming skills to the next level – join us today for the PADI Advanced Mermaid course and be a part of something truly amazing, become a real mermaid!

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Mermaid Tails

So what makes the mermaid tail? A tail is a combination of two pieces of equipment – a monofin and a mermaid tail skin (sometimes just referred to as the tail).

A monofin is the perfect accessory for anyone who dreams of being a mermaid. Ideal for sea creature enthusiasts and those wanting to have some speed underwater, they allow you to glide through the water like a graceful dolphin or mythical mermaid.

A monofin is a single fin into which both feet are inserted. They give the user increased speed and power when used correctly, however, monofins can be challenging and require some practice before they can be used safely. That’s what our PADI Mermaid courses are for!

Monofins can help mermaids master the 'dolphin kick' by offering complete control over their body movements while keeping their legs together as if they were wearing mermaid tails. With adjustable straps and an ergonomic design, it is designed to fit securely around your feet and ankles for maximum comfort and dexterity. Monofins have been specially designed with safety, comfort and dreamy mermaid adventures in mind, making them ideal for recreational swimmers and dedicated aqua sports athletes.

 Professional Mermaid


Professional Mermaid

Professional mermaids have become increasingly popular, and they are frequently hired for live shows, filmed productions, or photographed shoots. Bringing a bit of enchantment to any event is effortless when you hire a professional mermaid! Their lovely tails come in an array of exquisite styles that can be tailored for each individual: vibrant colours like pink, teal and yellow; shimmery metallic hues; even marine-inspired designs. Mermaids will bring life and charm wherever they go - from aquarium events to birthday parties - leaving all guests with beautiful memories far beyond the day's end! More details on a career as a professional Mermaid.



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