Tec Boat Dives

You must be Technically Qualified to do these dives

These dives are for Technically Qualified divers to go beyond 40 metres. You must be Technically Qualified for the greater depth or be able to show us the proof in the form of logged dives to that depth for a minimum of 4 dives.

Technical Boat Dives

    Dive Start Date Price  
SS Tuggerah - 46m Tec Saturday 09 Dec 2023 AU$ 110.00

  • Start Date: Sat 09 Dec 2023 at 07:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 110.00

The tugarah sits in 45m of the Royal National Park on Sydney's south. It always has a lot of fish life. You need to be tec certified with a redundant air source for this one. It is NOT DM led. All divers need to be experienced in tec diving. The boat will depart from Tonkin street Cronulla. Just behind the cronulla train station

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Note: If you are not Technical Diving qualified, we do offer a large range of non-technical boat dives

Explore the World of Technical Diving

Ready to explore the exciting and mysterious world of technical diving? As a tec diver, you will be able to extend your diving limits beyond recreational “no stop” depths, opening up new and unexplored areas of the underwater world. With increased range, you can dive in more environments than ever before, from caves to shipwrecks to other special locations. And with increased skills and knowledge, you will be able to use specialized gas mixtures and decompression procedures for an even more rewarding diving experience. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next tech dive!