Tec Boat Dives

You must be Technically Qualified to do these dives

These dives are for Technically Qualified divers to go beyond 40 metres. You must be Technically Qualified for the greater depth or be able to show us proof in the form of logged dives to that depth for a minimum of 4 dives.

Technical Boat Dives

  Dive Start Date Price  
Undola Wreck 42m Tec Saturday 12 Feb 2022 AU$ 110.00

  • Start Date: Sat 12 Feb 2022 at 07:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 110.00

SS Undola was al coastal steamer and sunk december 20th, 1919.It is a great wreck with lots of fish life. You need to be tec certified with a redundant air source for this one. It is NOT DM lead all divers need to be experienced in tec diving. The boat will depart from Tonkin street Cronulla. Just behiond the cronulla train station

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Kelo - Tec Boat 50m Sunday 20 Feb 2022 AU$ 110.00

  • Start Date: Sun 20 Feb 2022 at 07:00
  • Our Price: AU$ 110.00

One of the better of the deeper wrecks off Sydney is the SS Kelloe. The Kelloe was a iron hulled collier. On the 13th of May 1902 the Kelloe went down after a collision with the Dunmore. Sitting on a sandy bottom broken by bits of the adjacent edge of the rocky reef, its depth is 48 to 51 metres. The wreck is sitting upright with the bow facing north. The main features of the wreck is the very large boiler and the engine. The boiler rises at least 3 to 4 metres from the bottom and is intact. The hull is opened out and is pretty messy and flat. On the eastern side the hull sits up a metre or two but otherwise, the main part of the wreck is absolutely flat. There is a large hole in the hull just forward of the stern that you can swim through. If conditions make the planned site unsuitable, then another site will be selected for the dive. The boat will Depart at the scheduled time from Sans souci public Fishing wharf off River side drive.

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