You must be Technically Qualified to do these dives

These dives are for Technically Qualified divers to go beyond 40 metres. You must be Technically Qualified for the greater depth or be able to show us proof in the form of logged dives to that depth for a minimum of 4 dives.

Technical Boat Dives

  • Truk Lagoon Trip

    Truk Lagoon Trip

    7-14 Sept, Truk Lagoon is the wreck diver's ultimate destination, a great opportunity to makes do so […]
  • Tec 40 Course

    Tec 40 Course

    The PADI Tec 40 course consists of theory, practical application exercises, and 4 training dives and is conducted […]
  • Paralenz Camera

    Paralenz Camera

    The perfect camera for the technical diver, rugged metal case, small, auto white balance, depth recording, […]
  • Sidemount


    Sidemount diving makes Tec diving so much is easier in so many different ways. Find a new and different way […]