Major Trips

  • Solmon Islands

    Solmon Islands

    We have just secured the MV Bilikiki's first trip back in the water once the Australia - Solomon's borders […]
  • 13-21 April

    13-21 April

  • 10-16 June

    10-16 June

    Join Abyss Scuba on a gorgeous Fijian diving holiday and take advantage of the superb shark and […]
  • 3-10 Sep

    3-10 Sep

    Enjoy gold star service aboard the Kona Aggressor II and discover the pristine dive sites on the west coast […]

Group Diving Holidays To Exotic Locations

Abyss Scuba Diving organises Group Diving Holidays to exotic locations which the normal tourist does not go to. This includes dive travel within Australia, throughout the Pacific Islands and Asia-Pacific.

Group diving holidays are hugely rewarding, allowing you to dive with like-minded people, unwind from work, improve their diving make friends, save pennies and experience superb diving. Our expert-led group trips offer the chance to join unique trips and meet new buddies. 

If our group diving holidays do not meet your needs in terms of timing or destination, then we would still love to help you organize a trip. Please call us on 02 9583 9662 or you can Research and book your next scuba diving holiday on our Liveaboard Holiday page where you can choose from over 300  liveaboards in 40 countries, or on our Dive Resort page where we have hundreds of dive resorts from all over the world.

Group Diving Holidays

  Dive Start Date End Date Price  
Fiji Monday 27 Dec 2021 Monday 03 Jan 2022 AU$ 4295.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 4295.00

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Vanuatu Wednesday 13 Apr 2022 Thursday 21 Apr 2022 AU$ 2495.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 2495.00

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Fiji Friday 10 Jun 2022 Thursday 16 Jun 2022 AU$ 1999.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 1999.00

Join Abyss Scuba on a gorgeous Fijian diving trip and take advantage of the superb shark and coral diving available in this sublime slice of paradise. The Pearl Resort is an elegant, sun-drenched location in Pacific Harbour, located between Suva and Nadi. You'll enjoy three days of two-tank shark diving (June 5th, 6th and 8th) and get the chance to mingle with multiple bull sharks (largest in the world), whitetip reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertip sharks and over 300 species of fish.

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Hawaii Saturday 03 Sep 2022 Saturday 10 Sep 2022 AU$ 4290.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 4290.00

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Truk Lagoon Saturday 17 Sep 2022 Sunday 25 Sep 2022 AU$ 150.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 150.00

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Palau Tuesday 25 Jul 2023 Tuesday 01 Aug 2023 AU$ 6488.00

  • Our Price: AU$ 6488.00

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