Sydney Marine Life - Dive into Sydney's Rich Underwater Biodiversity

Some 600 marine animals have been identified around Sydney

Australia offers some fantastic scuba diving with a broad range of sea life and Sydney as the gateway to Australia offers diving unequalled by any large city. A recent study revealed that Sydney has more marine species than any other harbour in the world. Some 600 marine animals have already been identified and we can be sure that there are more to be found. One of the great attractions of diving around Sydney is its abundant sea life. The following are some examples of the more interesting marine creatures which can be found around Sydney.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney boasts a wide array of marine life, where scuba divers often come across sea anemones, sea dragons, and sea horses. The underwater scenery of Sydney Harbour and its diving spots exhibit a lively ecosystem, housing sea squirts, small fish, and various other marine species. This abundant marine biodiversity delivers immersive experiences to scuba divers and snorkelers, enabling them to witness and admire the beauty of Sydney's marine life in its natural setting. Sydney Harbour, recognized for its historical importance following the final deadly shark attack in 1963, presents a varied underwater terrain, featuring wrecks and natural formations.

Camp Cove Beach is renowned as a popular dive site for both training and night diving, offering scuba divers a sheltered area with moderate visibility. This dive site is teeming with a variety of marine life, including sea horses, leatherjacket, octopus, and various types of small fish. Divers might also encounter rare species such as velvetfish, flutemouth, blue ringed octopus and surgeonfish, making it an unforgettable experience for those exploring Sydney's marine life is incredibly diverse, with scuba divers frequently encountering sea anemones, sea dragons, and sea horses.underwater landscape.

Surrounding Sydney Harbour Dive Sites

Notable dive sites in Sydney, such as Bare Island, Shelly Beach, Oak Park, and Kurnell national Park, provide divers with a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of Sydney Harbour and its surrounding areas. These dive sites are habitats for a wide array of sea life, including the distinctive Port Jackson sharks, known for their unique appearance and behaviour.

Divers exploring the underwater world can encounter a variety of marine life. From vibrant sponges to schools of colourful fish like damselfish, yellowtail kingfish, and Eastern Blue Groper, as well as fascinating creatures including Port Jackson sharks, giant cuttlefish, redindian fish, sea urchins, and weedy seadragons.