Abyss Scuba Diving - Making Waves in Ocean Conservation

Abyss is 100% AWARE.

Are you in search of a dive centre that genuinely values ocean protection? Whether you're a novice or an experienced diver seeking to broaden your knowledge with a new course or speciality, selecting a 100% AWARE Partner is the way to go. At Abyss Scuba Diving, we wholeheartedly embrace the AWARE initiative and are dedicated to transforming every student into a passionate ambassador for our precious oceans.

To preserve our pristine ocean, we graciously donate on behalf of each student to Project AWARE. As a token of appreciation, you will receive the Project AWARE edition of your PADI certification card and become an integral part of a passionate community of divers devoted to safeguarding our precious marine ecosystem. Our partnership with 100% AWARE advocates plays a pivotal role in providing crucial resources to protect our magnificent oceanic realm. Together, we can make a significant difference in preserving our awe-inspiring blue planet.

100% AWARE


Some of the activities we engage in

  • Marine Debris Prevention: We are actively gathering data and diligently removing destructive debris globally. Concurrently, we are steadfastly engaged in policy initiatives aimed at implementing practical and sustainable long-term solutions.
  • Shark Protection: Our focus resides in safeguarding the most vulnerable shark species across the world. Collaboratively, we are fortifying shark finning prohibitions and closing policy loopholes in nations of paramount significance.
  • We offer diver training in several AWARE courses to further our efforts and heighten public awareness.