Seadragon Dive

Unique Australian Waters

 Seadragons (phyllopteryx taeniolatusare an interesting creature that is unique to Australian waters and Abyss is lucky as we have easy access to see weedy seadragons.

The seadragon camouflage is quite good and they do resemble seaweed floating on the bottom of the seafloor. Unless you know what you are looking for seadragons can be easily overlooked. Once you have found a few seadragons it becomes easier to spot them. As part of the seadragon dive, we train you how to spot them and teach you a little about these unique creatures.

We offer two options for diving with seadragons:

  1. At the moment we have a number of Free Seadragon specific dives planned, see the list below
  2. We also off private guided at a premium of $225 for the day, you choose the day and we organize the diving.
    Book a Private  Seadragon Dive.

Seadragon Dives 

  Dive Start Date Places Available  
Sea Dragon Dive Saturday 30 Oct 2021 10

  • Start Date: Sat 30 Oct 2021 at 09:00
  • Places Available: 10

Test your eye site as we head out to spot the ever elusive Weedy Sea dragon.The day will start at 9am with a presentation on Weedies in the classroom before heading out to see the real deal (During COVID, the presentation will be sent out via email to participants).

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