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Snorkelling Gear for the Best Snorkelling Experience in Australia


Snorkelling is a fun and exciting way to discover the wonders of the underwater world and observe marine life. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the stunning snorkelling spots in Australia. Australia boasts some of the world’s most stunning snorkelling spots, and if you’re looking for the best snorkelling gear to enhance your experience, we have got you covered. Our shop offers a wide range of snorkelling equipment in Australia, including the best snorkel masks, sets, and other accessories to make your snorkelling adventure unforgettable.

Snorkel sets Sydney

Our snorkelling gear sets, packs, and combos are specifically designed for the Australian environment, ensuring that you have the best snorkelling experience possible. Our sets come complete with a mask, snorkel, and some even include snorkelling fins, which are recommended for snorkelling around Sydney. We also offer a variety of high-quality snorkelling sets, including options for men, women, and kids, all at competitive prices. Additionally, we provide customizable packages that include the best-recommended accessories to enhance your snorkelling adventures.

If you’re looking for the best snorkel mask in Australia, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide range of snorkel masks, including the face snorkel mask and the best snorkel mask, which fits perfectly and does not leak, allowing you to explore the underwater world without any interruptions.

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No matter what your budget or needs are, we have the perfect solution for you. We understand that finding the best snorkel gear in Australia can be a challenge, so we have made it easier for you by offering our products online. Our shop provides quick and easy shipping, ensuring that you get your snorkelling gear in no time. If you prefer to purchase in person, you can also find our snorkelling equipment near you.

So what are you waiting for? Get your snorkelling gear today and explore the amazing underwater world of Australia. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned snorkeler, our selection of snorkelling gear will provide you with the best snorkelling experience in Australia.

A new generation Ocean Pro Mask & Snorkel set designed with extreme comfort in mind. Our product range also includes full face snorkel masks, offering advanced manufacturing, durability, and sun protection for men, women, and kids. The elastic soft… - Read More

AU$ 94.05

The Bondi mask, snorkel and fin set is a great snorkel & fins travel set from Ocean Pro for the kids, so the whole family can join the next snorkelling adventure. The mask features tear-drop shaped lenses for a superior field of vision. The snorkel… - Read More

AU$ 98.10

Combines the Adult Blade Fin, mask, and snorkel with a wide range of features enhancing comfort, visibility, and safety for swim and snorkelling activities. 100% liquid silicone mask Silicone mouthpiece snorkel Adjustable open heel snorkelling fin with… - Read More

AU$ 116.10

Mallacoota Mask Snorkel Fin Set Pivot sump snorkel design for customised comfort Comfortable closed heel fin 100% liquid black silicone for optimal vision Easy adjust mask buckles Powerful thrust blade for ease of performance Semi-dry snorkel splash… - Read More

AU$ 103.55

Starfish Kids Mask and Snorkel Set Suits Ages: 4 to 7 years High visibility coloured snorkel top Packaged in a reusable carry bag Soft snorkel keeper to minimise hair tangles Easy breathing J style snorkel Available in colours: Blue or Pink - Read More

AU$ 25.65

Tour Mask Snorkel Fin Set High grade Silicone mask, fitting a wide face variety Pre-curved snorkel for optimal form and function Reflective snorkel top for safety Soft comfort pocket with channel performance blade Reusable Carry Bag for product protection… - Read More

AU$ 71.25

The Bondi mask, snorkel and fin set is a great snorkel & fins travel set from Ocean Pro for the kids, so the whole family can join the next snorkelling adventure. The mask features tear-drop shaped lenses for a superior field of vision.… - Read More

AU$ 89.10

Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set urge snorkel and splash top Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece Packaged in a re-usable carry bag Pre-bent design for ultimate comfort Super-soft liquid Silicone Mask with ultimate fit Available in colours: Black,… - Read More

AU$ 46.55

OCEAN HUNTER PHANTOM CAMO MOTTLED MASK & SNORKEL SET Pairing our ever-popular Ocean Hunter Phantom Spearfishing mask with the Phantom Freediving snorkel. This is a perfect set for both recreational freediving and spearfishing at any depth. The satin… - Read More

AU$ 103.55

Smaller faces need smaller mask frames! This is why Ocean Hunter also offers its renowned Phantom Mask as a Youth edition. This way you can take your kids onto your next spearfishing adventures. The mask frame of the original Phantom Mask has been scaled… - Read More

AU$ 82.65

The White OceanPro Coral Mask Single Lense Soft silicon Tempered glass - Read More

AU$ 113.05

The Oberon Mask and Snorkel set offers fantastic value for money.Featuring a Frameless designed mask made with quality coloured silicone. The soft silicone seals well on the majority of face types and is available in 3 colours Teal, Blue and Black.The… - Read More

AU$ 75.05

The Oceanpro Cruz mask and snorkel set combines the low volume Silitex Cruz mask with a J-style snorkel perfect for the recreational snorkeller. Great value for money for beach goers and includes a convenient reusable carry bag to keep you set free from… - Read More

AU$ 27.55

The Kiama mask was born out of a partnership with freedivers, snorkelers and scuba divers all over Australia Best fitting, comfortable silicon Fantastic Vision Compact skirt to fit all face shapes dual lense Quick adjust buckles Available with corrective… - Read More

AU$ 113.05

Atomic Aquatics Sv2 Flex Snorkel A snorkel that is easy to clear is low in profile and one that stays dryer inside is what you are looking for. SV stand for Scupper Valve, also known as a one-way-valve. Just like the one-way-valve in your regulator which… - Read More

AU$ 122.55

The Ocean Pro Fraser mask is a high quality frameless single lens mask. The soft silicone skirt ensures an excellent and comfortable seal while exploring the underwater world. With no frame to create bulk the Fraser is a lightweight mask with excellent… - Read More

AU$ 107.10

Visibility is the most important aspect of any dive. The M1 Mask raises the bar for optical quality and distortion free vision. This lens is an extra clear glass which is valued for its attractive appearance and optical qualities. The low iron content… - Read More

AU$ 141.55

The Fluyd mask range by Salvimar Low volume Hydro dynamic Low profile design 3D nose design Amazing field of vision Tempered glass Antiallergenic silicone skirt Look like batman - Read More

AU$ 147.51

Sea Drops™ Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner for Dive Masks NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! Safe for all glass and plastic lenses-will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. Sea Drops are designed for maximum dive mask defogging and quick, easy, in-field… - Read More

AU$ 13.30

Sea Gold™ Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks Rated BEST Anti-Fog by Rodale's SCUBA DIVING Magazine! The clear choice in anti-fog gels. Our unique clear formula means long lasting anti-fog protection. Sea Gold™ Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks Rated BEST Anti-Fog… - Read More

AU$ 18.05

Sleek 100% liquid silicone skirt attached directly to the tempered glass lens. No mask frame means the Oceanic Shadow Dive Mask for Scuba Diving offers an incredible field of vision and packs flat. Available 2 sizes for a perfect fit. The black skirt… - Read More

AU$ 122.55

Oceanpro Typhoon Snorkel The Oceanpro Typhoon snorkel is a great choice for those who want quality and performance. It features a drop-away mouthpiece to ensure it’s out of your way while diving. It has a splash guard on the top of the snorkel to assist… - Read More

AU$ 65.55

Salvimar Fin Bag The Salvimar Fin Bag is a stylish yet practical gear bag for all things spearfishing. It’s the perfect travel case to cart your gear around in whether you’re travelling near or far. The Salvimar Fin Backpack is made of a sturdy, tear-resistant… - Read More

AU$ 125.40