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Typhoon Snorkel - Clear / Red

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Oceanpro Typhoon Snorkel

The Oceanpro Typhoon snorkel is a great choice for those who want quality and performance. It features a drop-away mouthpiece to ensure it’s out of your way while diving. It has a splash guard on the top of the snorkel to assist in preventing water from entering the snorkel. The Oceanpro Typhoon snorkel also features a soft orthodontic mouthpiece, so you don’t experience jaw fatigue during your snorkel.


  • Effective splash guard to reduce water ingress
  • Large diameter smooth bore ensures easy breathing
  • Soft silicone corrected drop away
  • Designing an effective purge sump makes clearing water quick and easy.
  • Soft orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue
  • The adjustable quick-release mask clip makes storing and travelling easy.

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