Abyss Dive Trips

Take the worry out of dive travel

Abyss Scuba Diving organises Diving Holidays to locations within Australia and around the world. 

The Abyss guided dive trips can be broken into two categories, weekend dive trips and guided dive holidays

Weekend Dive Trips

These are to locations within a few hours drive from Sydney and give divers the best of what NSW diving can offer. These locations include Jervis Bay, Montague Island, Nelson Bay and South West Rocks (Fish Rock Cave). These are locations which our divemasters lead dives on regularly and where you have a chance to do a weekend of great diving while unwinding from work.


Guided Dive Holidays

These dive holidays normally include a plane flight to get to the destination. The trip may be within Australia or at other dive destinations around the world. The Abyss Guided Holidays are hugely rewarding, allowing you to dive with like-minded people, unwind from work, improve their diving make friends, save pennies and experience superb diving.


Our Abyss staff-guided trips offer the chance to join unique trips and meet new buddies.