Boat Dive FAQ's

Find the answer to your Sydney boat diving questions

 The boat is a 12.5 m, customer made ally collar RIB built in 2020. It is similar to the marine rescue boats so is fast with 900 HP behind it and very stable.

  • Lots of space for both divers & gear
  • Onboard facilities include toilet and hot showers
  • Dual ladders
  • Comfortable undercover seating
  • Experienced, helpful crew

Abyss  Scuba Boat

The boat is fast and quite comfortable with a turn around of about 3 hours. Depending on the conditions it will cover a range of dive sites in and around Botany Bay. A light snack will be provided between the dives. Check out our guided boat dives calendar for locations.

We offer a range of dives including:

  • Magic Point shark dives
  • Sydneys most famous seadragon dive (Dragons Lair)
  • Reef dives (from 10m to 40m)
  • Technical dives (for those with decompession training)
  • and many more....


The easiest way is to book online or call the shop on 02 9583 9662.

Boat Dive Calendar

At the time of booking you should also book your rental equipment or second tank if you need one.

The majority of divers on the boat don't have a buddy and our divemaster will organise buddy pairs based on the individual divers experience and interests. If there are uneve numbers the the DM will buddy with the indivdual diver.

With dozens of dive site in the area, if the weather is not suitable for your booked dive, we will relocate to a more suitable dive site. If the weather is deemed unsafe by Abyss Scuba Diving, you will be provided a refund or transfer to a second preferred date.

yes the dives are DM lead. The group can be as big as 12 people. if you feel you need more support then this you can hire a private DM to look after you or if you are with a group then you can hire a DM for that specific group.

Book your rental gear at the time of booking your dive.

Our Shop  is located only five minutes from the boat pickup point, so collect your gear on your way to the boat.

Once you have your gear, Head south from the shop down Rocky Point Road to  San Souci Park. The Pickup is from the fishermen wharf at San Souci Park. Lots of car parking is available.

  • Certification Card
  • A wind / waterproof jacket is a good option to bring along
  • Don't forget to bring sunscreen
  • A beanie to keep your head warm is also a great idea
  • If you get seasick (or think you may get seasick) please take sea sickness prevention tablets before boarding the boat. There is nothing worse than being nauseous before a dive.

 It is a requirement that all divers carry a signal tube (safety sausage), if you do not own one then you can purchase one at the time of booking or on the morning of the dive.

There is no room to take a tub, just a small bag. Each diver had a tube under there seat they can store fins and other little items. If you want to keep anything dry I suggest you bring a small dry bag. 

Each diver had area for the 2 tanks to be clipped in to the tank rack seating. So no need to bend over and grab tanks from under the seats 

On our single boat dives(turn-around 2 hours) there is snacks and water are provided on the boat.

On double dives (turn-around 3.5 hours) along with the snacks we supply soup, bread rolls and spreads (inclding Vegimite for Americans) are also provided.

If you are certified and experienced you are more than welcome to bring your Rebreathers. However you may need to be buddied with a bubble blower. With all dives we have a one hour  dive time limit.

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