Unleash Your Underwater Potential with Our Scuba Packages

Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of scuba gear ownership? At Abyss Scuba Diving, we're here to make that transition smooth and rewarding. We've crafted an offer that pairs perfectly with your thirst for underwater exploration.

Dive Deeper with PADI Equipment Specialist Course

Before you select your scuba package, why not become a pro at understanding and maintaining your gear? Our PADI Equipment Specialist Course equips you with the knowledge to choose the right gear and keep it in top shape for all your diving adventures. You'll learn:

  • Different types of scuba gear
  • How to choose equipment based on your diving style
  • Essential maintenance skills

Turn Learning into Savings

Here's where it gets even better. After completing the course, you won't just walk away with newfound knowledge and confidence. You'll also receive a $250 rebate when you purchase your scuba package from us. That's right! We're offering a full refund of your course fee towards your very own set of scuba gear.

Your Journey to Gear Ownership

With Abyss Scuba Diving, becoming a gear owner is more than just a purchase. It's a journey of learning, experiencing, and saving. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive deeper into the world of scuba gear. Sign up for our PADI Equipment Specialist Course today and take the first step towards owning your own scuba package. Dive in; the underwater world awaits!

Scuba Gear Packages

Atomic Best Scuba Package

Best In Dive 

Bringing together exotic materials, groundbreaking design, and superior manufacturing in perfect harmony, Atomic Aquatics has produced the ultimate scuba gear package, "The Best in Dive"…  Read More

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Dive Professionas Gear Package

Professional's Choice 

This package is designed around what our Master Instructors use as the dive gear that they select The package consists of an Excursion BCD with Octo Z, SE500 regulator, OCi computer…  Read More

 $ 4,346.00 
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Sidemount Package

Side Mount Package 

Interested in sidemount , or Tec diving? This package consists of a SMS 75  BCD, one DCX SE500 regulator (upgradable to a second), combined with a long hose…  Read More

 $ 2,896.00
 $ 2,449.00

Dive Instructors Recomended Package

Instructors Recommendation 

This package is what our Master Instructors recommend as the perfect package for keen divers who want the most out of their diving. The package consists of an Excursion BCD, SE500 …  Read More

 $ 3,446.00

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Womens Scuba Package

Women's Package 

This package has been designed with the female in mind. The Package is built around the HERA BCD, combined with an Octo z,  Delta 5 EDX, Geo computer, and lightweight SPG…  Read More

 $ 3,235.00
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HD200 Tec Package

HD200 Tec Package 

The Hollis HD200 LX Tec Package is one awesome set of gear. This package includes Hollis’ new HD200 BCD, the Hollis LX 200 1st and 2nd Stage Regulator, Hollis LX100 Occy and Hollis Slimline Pressure …  Read More

 $ 2,876.00
 $ 1,999.00

Dive travel Package

Travellers Package 

Built with the traveller in mind, this package consists of the Biolite travel BCD, Octo z, Hollis SE500 DC7 regulator. It allows for the fact that most divers at this level already have their … Read More

 $ 2,357.00
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Corsair Dive Package

Corsair Dive Package 

Built for those divers who are on a budget, this no-frills package gets you into the water with your own basic scuba gear,  The package consists of …  Read More

 $ 2,246.00

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Budget Scuba Package

Budget Scuba  Package 

This budget scuba package, consisting of Ocean Pro GBR BCD, Oceanpro OP20/ F200 regulator is an unbalanced piston regulator and with OP20 Occy plus Ocean Pro SPG.. …  Read More

 $ 1,399.00

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