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Ultimate Guide To Scuba Diving With Seals


Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving with Seals: A Thrilling Underwater Adventure

Explore the sensation of gliding underwater alongside seals with Abyss Scuba Diving. Beginners can now embark on a supervised scuba diving adventure, immersing themselves in the majestic world of these marine creatures. Scuba diving with seals brings you face-to-face with these charming marine mammals in a surreal encounter. This guide will steer you through planning your dive, understanding seal behaviour, and ensuring a memorable and safe underwater experience. Under the supervision of our PADI dive masters, you can enjoy amazing seal interactions safely and confidently.

Key Takeaways

  • Scuba diving with Australian fur seals offers a magical and accessible scuba diving experience for all ages, with opportunities to interact closely with playful marine life at both Martin Island and Montague Island.

  • Diving at depths ranging from 5 to 10 meters can significantly increase your dive duration. With decreased air consumption at these levels, divers can enjoy longer interactions with seals. The depth of your respectful engagement with seals directly influences the reciprocation of interaction with these magnificent creatures.

  • The Avelo system grants divers freedom and agility while ensuring a consistent neutral buoyancy. Enabling a profound connection with seals, the Avelo dive system blurs the boundaries between humans and these enchanting creatures, fostering intimate interactions.

Diving Into Fun: Your Guide to Australian Fur Seals Encounters Underwater

Diving with seals at Martin Island, one of the popular dive sites off the coast of New South Wales, offers an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for both novice and seasoned divers. Known for its playful and curious fur seals, Martin Island provides a unique underwater adventure where divers can get up close and personal with these fascinating marine mammals. The journey begins at Port Kembla Wharf, where a quick 10 to 15-minute boat ride to the Island. On this short journey you frequently see humpback whales on their annual migration. The overall scuba diving experience at Martin Island is perfect for those looking to discover scuba diving in a stunning and accessible location.

One of the highlights of diving at Martin Island is witnessing the seals in their natural habitat, exhibiting entertaining and educational behaviours. These marine acrobats are known for their inquisitiveness, often approaching divers closely, seemingly as intrigued by humans as we are by them. It’s not uncommon to see them somersaulting, blowing bubbles, or engaging in mock chases, providing an interactive and dynamic dive experience. The seals’ playful antics, combined with the stunning underwater scenery, including kelp forests and rocky reefs, make for a captivating dive that feels like swimming in a natural aquarium.

Safety is paramount when diving with seals at Martin Island, and dive operators ensure that all participants are well-prepared for the encounter. Divers are advised to maintain a respectful distance, avoid touching or feeding the seals, and be mindful of their movements to prevent startling these wild animals. The dive typically lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, allowing ample time to observe and enjoy the seals’ behaviour while ensuring a safe and controlled experience. Overall, a seal dive at Martin Island offers a blend of adventure, wildlife interaction, and marine exploration, making it a must-do for any diving enthusiast in the Sydney area.

The seals sunning on Martin Island

Enhancing Your Seal Diving Experience

Every scuba dive with seals offers a unique and thrilling adventure, but there are ways to elevate your experience even further. One effective method is to incorporate an underwater rattle or horn into your gear. These tools can pique the interest of the seals, sparking their curiosity and prompting interactive behaviour during your dive. Additionally, maintaining a depth of 5 to 10 meters can extend your underwater excursion. The reduced air consumption at these depths provides more time for engaging with the playful seals. These tips can significantly enhance your overall scuba diving experience with seals.

It’s essential to bear in mind that while fur seals may display playful behaviour, they are wild creatures deserving of respect. Avoiding physical contact and refraining from actions that might provoke them, such as attempting to entice investigation with their mouths, is paramount for a harmonious and safe encounter. Prior knowledge of seal behaviour and body language can significantly enhance your interaction, enabling you to connect with these remarkable animals on a deeper level.

Seasonal considerations can further enrich your diving venture. Scheduling your visit to Martin Island between June and September aligns with seal migrations, offering prime opportunities for dynamic and immersive seal interactions. Whether you’re a seasoned diver looking to enhance your underwater escapades or a novice planning your inaugural dive, strategic timing can profoundly impact the wonders you’ll uncover in the crystalline waters surrounding the island.

Montague Island offers year-round seal diving opportunities, bringing unique charm each season. During the warmer months, divers are often treated to the sight of grey nurse sharks, adding an extra thrill to the underwater adventure. These majestic creatures glide gracefully through the water, often accompanied by playful seals, creating an unforgettable diving experience.

A scuba diver mimicking a seal

To optimise your seal diving experience, here are some valuable tips:

  • Approach with Calmness and Patience: Maintain a tranquil demeanour and gentle approach to prevent startling the seals.

  • Let Them Take the Lead: For a more genuine interaction, allow the inquisitive seals to make the first move at their own pace.

  • Utilise Sounds to Attract the Seals: Employ a pneumatic sound generator, underwater rattle, or simply clack rocks together to pique the seals’ curiosity.

  • Engage in Playful Interactions: Participate in lighthearted activities such as mimicking their movements and performing mid-water somersaults, spins, and dolphin kicks to engage with the seals.

  • Float at Mid-Water: Suspended mid-water will capture their interest; couple this with blowing bubbles to captivate the seals.

  • Become an Object of Intrigue: Sustain interaction with the seals and vary your behaviours; if you lose interest, the seals may seek out something more engaging.

  • Respect Their Boundaries: Avoid touching the seals and heed their cues for a mutually respectful encounter.

  • Consider becoming Avelo Certified: The freedom and agility offered by the Avelo system, along with a state of constant neutral buoyancy, enable divers to interact much more freely with the seals, and to some extent, the divers become one with these fascinating creatures.

By following these guidelines, you can cultivate memorable and enriching moments with these charming marine creatures, creating lasting memories of your seal diving adventures.

Scuba Certification and Seal Dives

Scuba certification course with PADI professionals supervising underwater adventures

Before you can jump into the ocean and join the seals for a swim, there’s one crucial step: scuba certification. At Martin Island, scuba certification is mandatory to participate in scuba diving trips, but don’t worry, courses are available for every level of diving, from beginner to pro. For those not yet ready for full certification, we do offer both snorkelling and freediving experiences with the seals at Martin Island.

With the direct supervision of qualified PADI Instructors and PADI Dive Masters, every scuba trip, including boat dives, is designed to be safe, educational, and filled with the most amazing seal interactions. They’re there to help divers of all levels, especially during those unforgettable underwater seal encounters, ensuring everyone comes back with great memories and stories to share.

Divers encountering diverse marine life while diving with seals


The chance to share the ocean with these playful pinnipeds is not just an adventure, it's a privilege that brings laughter and awe in equal measure. Abyss Scuba Diving invites you to plunge into a world of fun, where every dive is a dance with the ocean's charming jesters. While the thrill of the dive is undeniable, it's matched by the importance of respectful interaction with these wild marine animals. By approaching our seal friends with care and consideration, we ensure that our underwater escapades are as delightful for them as they are for us. So, gear up, dive in, and let the seals be your guides to the wonders of their aquatic playground.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience to dive with seals?

No, you don’t need any prior experience to dive with seals! Full scuba certification courses are available for beginners, allowing anyone in good physical health to safely enjoy a seal dive.

Can I dive with seals all year round?

Absolutely! You can dive with seals at Montague Island all year round, so you can plan your adventure whenever it works for you!

What other marine life might I see while diving with seals?

While diving with seals, you might also spot a range of marine life like grey nurse sharks during the summer and even the occasional whale if you're lucky! So exciting!

How can I attract a seal's attention while diving?

You can attract a seal's attention while diving by using an underwater rattle or horn, but remember to use these tools respectfully and maintain a safe distance from the animals!

Is it safe to dive with seals?

Yes, it's totally safe to dive with seals as long as you follow the guidelines and respect their space. Just remember to avoid physical contact and enjoy the experience!

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