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A BCD should be the first.

The Abyss work vehicle has the indicator stick on the left-hand side of the steering column, and my own private car has it on the right-hand side. As I change between cars, I frequently end up cleaning my windscreen when I go to make a right-hand turn. Similarly, as a diver  you do not consistently … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Hard Hat Diving

Diving has a rich and vibrant history dating back to the primitive dive suites of the 15th century where Konrad Kyeser describes a diving suite made from a leather helmet and a glass window. It wasn’t until the 1820’s where Charles and John Deane produced the first successful diving helmets, they actually started life as … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Hollis SD7 Flex Semi-dry

Wetsuits were invented in 1952, originally, wetsuits were made only with raw sheets of foam-rubber neoprene that did not have any backing material.  These old wetsuits were poor quality and not very durable. The later use of glue and heat-sealed tape made the wetsuit’s seams stiff and uncomfortable. Eventually wetsuits became lined with nylon to … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Cyanea Mask

Diving is about enjoyment and nothing ensures your diving enjoyment more than your mask.  Over the last 20+ years of diving I have tried a range of masks but I have never found a mask more comfortable than the new Cyanea mask from Aeris/Oceanic. The technology and innovation used in the Cyanea masks  will maximize … Continue reading

Dive Gear / Tip of the Week

Why Buy a Wetsuit

Although the financial aspect of buying gear is the first concern for many divers, I believe that I dive for the shear enjoyment of diving and hence the most important thing when looking at a wetsuit is personal comfort and safety although health and convenience come very close behind. Along with owning your own mask, … Continue reading

Dive Gear

So how does Lavacore work?

Experienced divers all know that as the months get cooler in Sydney, the marine life heats up. There’s something about winter diving that brings out the best of what Sydney has to offer. In the first week of winter, I’ve witnessed three giant cuttlefish participating in a frisky ‘manage a trois’, turtles propped between clumps … Continue reading

Dive Gear

Aeris A300 CS

  In 1983 the DecoBrain, became the first decompression diving computer, capable of displaying the information that today’s diving computers do.  Interestingly in 1983 I was working at ICl in Melbourne where they were working on colour monitors for Personal Computers.  The Aeris A300 CS computer has melded these 2 technologies with Bluetooth technology creating … Continue reading