Fiji Scuba Diving Resorts

Fiji Scuba Diving Resorts
The Fijian Islands and Fiji Scuba Diving Resorts are renowned for their friendliness and great scuba diving..
Fiji has some great scuba diving resorts and is only a short flight from the east coast of Australia.
Fiji is made up of 300 islands, only one-third of which are inhabited, stretch out over thousands of square miles of the Pacific Ocean. The Fiji islands enjoy a tropical climate without extremes of hot and cold, but are vulnerable to the occasional tropical cyclone – most likely to occur, in the wet season, December to March. The reefs surrounding the Fiji Islands abound with a wide variety and diversity of marine life.


The world's second largest coral reef is located in these waters. Brightly colored soft corals, yellow and red gorgonian fans, a myriad of small tropical fish, tunnels, caves and spectacular drop-offs await the visiting diver. Fiji scuba diving resorts offer dive sites vary from shallow lagoons, suitable for newcomers to the sport, to sheer walls and pinnacles for the more experienced divers.

Climate: Fiji experiences a warm tropical climate. The summer wet season is from December to March (average temperature 30c) with the drier, cooler season being from April to November. (average temperature 26c) Rainfall is variable throughout Fiji, with the Eastern areas experiencing the most rainfall.