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The Ultimate Guide To The Oceanic Dive Housing For Iphone


Explore the Depths: Your Guide to the Oceanic+ Dive Housing for a iPhone

Are you ready to embark on an incredible underwater adventure? Imagine transforming your iPhone into a powerful underwater camera and dive computer, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos while exploring the depths of the ocean. Introducing the Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone - the perfect accessory for divers and underwater enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will delve into the fantastic features of the Oceanic Dive Housing, advanced functionalities, safety innovations, and how it integrates with the Apple Watch Ultra, enhancing your diving experience like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone and transform your device into a fully functional dive computer.

  • Capture stunning underwater images and videos with advanced features such as dive log management, pre-dive settings, post-dive analysis, no decompression limits monitoring & automatic vacuum pump/leak detection system.

  • Enjoy an enhanced diving experience through integration with the Oceanic App & Apple Watch Ultra, connecting you to other divers while staying connected during dives.

Discover the Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone

A  Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone with a scuba diver in the background

The Oceanic Dive Housing is a groundbreaking accessory designed to convert your iPhone into an underwater camera and dive computer. It can accommodate iPhone models from the SE 2nd generation to the latest models, offering a maximum operational depth of 60 meters (196 feet). This adaptable accessory empowers you to delve into deeper underwater areas, guaranteeing your safe arrival at the maximum dive depth.

Besides delivering comprehensive dive computer functionality, the Oceanic Dive Housing also facilitates effortless capture of stunning underwater images and videos. Featuring automatic colour correction based on dive depth, this accessory ensures that your underwater photography remains vibrant and true to life.

Transform Your iPhone into a Fully Functional Dive Computer.

The Oceanic Dive Housing equips your iPhone with the Oceanic+ app, providing you with all the essential dive computer functionalities. Compatible with iOS 16 and newer devices, your iPhone becomes a powerful tool for planning decompression dives and monitoring ascent rates. The automatic colour correction feature adjusts the white point based on the depth of the dive, ensuring that you stay within the maximum allowable depth for accurate colour representation.

Beyond its remarkable dive computer capabilities, the Oceanic Dive Housing provides the option to record media files in both RAW and compressed formats. This versatility provides professional divers with the flexibility to choose the most suitable format for their needs, ensuring optimal image and video quality during their underwater adventures.

Colour correction on the Oceanic+ App

Capture Stunning Underwater Images and Videos

The Oceanic Dive Housing’s white point correction technology intuitively adapts according to your dive depth, augmenting your ability to capture underwater images. This innovative feature accounts for the different colour temperatures and light conditions encountered underwater, making it a vital aspect of the Oceanic Dive Housing’s dive computer app.

With the option to record media files in both RAW and compressed formats, you can maintain all the initial data obtained by the camera sensor and plan your next dive max depth with confidence. Compressed formats offer a convenient option for divers who wish to have smaller file sizes without compromising image quality, making it easier to plan your next dive gas mix.

Maximize Your Diving Experience with Advanced Features

A scuba diver with a dive computer in hand

The Oceanic Dive Housing is packed with numerous advanced features, enabling you to fully leverage your diving experience. Oceanic dive housing allows you to explore deeper underwater environments with confidence and ease, thanks to its dive log management and sharing capabilities, pre-dive settings, and post-dive analysis. With the same dive housing, you can ensure consistency and reliability during your oceanic dive adventures.

Dive log management is a crucial aspect of diving, enabling you to:

  • Track your dive experience and recognize patterns

  • Enhance confidence and comfort through attentiveness to pre-dive settings

  • Regulate buoyancy and manage your breathing rate

  • Ensure adherence to safety protocols

  • Assess your dive profiles and identify potential issues through post-dive analysis

  • Make improvements to your techniques for an enhanced and safer diving experience.

Dive Log Management and Sharing

The Oceanic Dive Housing offers the following features:

  • Effortless management and sharing of your dive logs

  • Seamless integration with popular dive log apps like Diveboard and DiverLog+

  • Advanced dive log features for easy synchronization and editing of dive details

  • Compatibility with iPhone and Apple Watch Ultra

Sharing your dive logs has never been easier, thanks to the Oceanic+ 2.0 app. You can:

  • Add photos and videos taken with the Dive Housing to your dive logs, creating a visually rich and comprehensive record of your underwater adventures.

  • Connect with fellow divers and share your experiences on social networks, helping you build a supportive diving community.

  • Create lasting memories of your underwater explorations.

Pre-Dive Settings and Post-Dive Analysis

Using the Oceanic Plus program to analise dive images

The Oceanic Dive Housing’s pre-dive settings simplify the customization of your dive experience. By reviewing and modifying the selected settings before your dive, you can ensure accurate color representation and gain confidence in your dive plan. The Dive Housing also includes a dive planner that can calculate vital dive parameters such as no-fly time, surface time, and dive settings, allowing you to focus on enjoying your dive.

Post-dive analysis using the Oceanic Dive Housing yields valuable insights from your dive data, including depth, temperature, and duration, all of which are accessible via the dive computer app. This information can be used to analyze diving patterns, metabolic rate, and the effect of diving on marine ecosystems. By examining the data, you can optimize your diving experience and make adjustments to your diving techniques and equipment, further enhancing your underwater adventures.

Ensure Safety and Reliability with Innovative Technologies

A scuba diver with a dive computer and a depth gauge

When delving into the ocean’s depths, safety is of utmost importance. To ensure your safety and security during dives, the Oceanic Dive Housing is outfitted with innovative technologies. It includes the following features:

  • No decompression limits

  • Depth monitoring

  • Automatic vacuum pump

  • Leak detection

With these features, you can dive with confidence knowing that your iPhone is well-protected.

These cutting-edge technologies not only safeguard your device but also provide essential information to help scuba divers avoid potential hazards, such as decompression sickness and oxygen toxicity. By adhering to no decompression limits and monitoring your depth, you can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience, including the proper execution of decompression and safety stops during a decompression dive.

No Decompression Limits and Depth Monitoring

No decompression limits play a crucial role in diving safety, helping to prevent decompression sickness by indicating the maximum time a diver can spend at a particular depth without needing decompression stops. The Oceanic Dive Housing’s dive computer app assists in monitoring these limits and ensuring that you stay within safe parameters during your dive.

The Oceanic Dive Housing features:

  • Integrated depth sensors that accurately measure the depth reached during a dive

  • Vital data is provided through the dive computer app

  • Close monitoring of depth to adhere to no-decompression limits

  • Minimization of the risk of accidents and a safer diving experience

Automatic Vacuum Pump and Leak Detection

Protecting your iPhone from water damage is essential, and the Oceanic Dive Housing’s automatic vacuum pump and leak detection system provide the peace of mind you need during your dives. The automatic vacuum pump removes air from the interior of the housing, creating a vacuum seal that prevents water from entering.

The Oceanic Dive Housing offers the following features:

  • Integrated leak detector that alerts you to any potential leaks or moisture inside the housing

  • Preventive measures to avoid potential damage to your iPhone

  • Confidence in diving knowing that your device is well-protected by these innovative technologies.

Enhance Your Diving Experience with Oceanic App and Apple Watch Ultra Integration

The Oceanic Housing with 2 Apple Watch Ultra and an iPhone

By integrating with the Oceanic App and Apple Watch Ultra, the Oceanic Dive Housing elevates your diving experience, offering a seamless and enriched dive. The integration enables you to use both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with the Oceanic+ Dive Housing simultaneously on the same subscription, transforming the Apple Watch Ultra into a fully functional dive computer.

With the Oceanic App and Apple Watch Ultra, you can connect with dive buddies, share your underwater adventures, and access all the features of the Oceanic Dive Housing directly from your wrist. This powerful combination of technology allows you to focus on enjoying your dive while staying informed and connected with your fellow divers.

Dive Buddies and Social Features

The Oceanic App comes packed with social features, facilitating connections with fellow divers and enabling you to:

  • Log your dives

  • Share your adventures with the community

  • Easily communicate and engage with other members of the Oceanic community

  • Build a supportive network of diving enthusiasts

Capture and share stunning colour-corrected photos and videos with the Oceanic App, and add them to your dive logs for a visually rich and comprehensive record of your underwater adventures. By sharing your experiences on social networks, you can inspire others to explore the depths of the ocean and create lasting memories of your diving experiences.

Apple Watch Ultra Compatibility

The Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with wide-ranging functionalities for diving, including elapsed dive time underwater. These features comprise:

  • Dive planner

  • Precise depth sensors

  • Graphical displays of depth and temperature readings

  • Ability to log dives down to 40 meters

With its user-friendly interface and haptic feedback, the Apple Watch Ultra becomes an invaluable tool for divers when used in conjunction with the Oceanic Dive Housing.

By utilizing the Oceanic+ app, the Apple Watch Ultra can be transformed into a fully functional dive computer for recreational diving and snorkeling. Access all the features of the Oceanic Dive Housing directly from your wrist, ensuring a seamless and enhanced diving experience that keeps you connected and informed throughout your underwater adventures.


The Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone is a game-changing accessory that revolutionizes the underwater experience for divers. With its advanced features, innovative safety technologies, and seamless integration with the Oceanic App and Apple Watch Ultra, it offers an unparalleled diving experience. Explore the depths of the ocean, capture stunning images and videos, and connect with fellow divers like never before. Dive into a new world of possibilities with the Oceanic Dive Housing for iPhone.

The Oceanic+ Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Oceanic brand?

Bob Hollis founded Oceanic in 1972 and it was later acquired by Huish Outdoors in 2017, making them the current owners of the brand.

What are the complications for the Oceanic+ watch face?

The Oceanic+ watch face provides seven complications for diving and snorkelling, such as no-fly time, surface time, dive settings, dive planner, maximum allowed elevation, current elevation, and quick-launch buttons back into the Oceanic+ app.

How much is the oceanic plus subscription?

Oceanic Plus offers a free plan with basic dive functions such as logging recent dives and depth and time tracking. For access to more advanced features like decompression tracking, tissue loading, the location planner and an unlimited logbook capacity, there is a monthly subscription fee of $15.00 or an annual fee of $122.

What is the maximum depth of Oceanic+?

Oceanic+'s maximum depth is 60 metres (198 feet).

What iPhone models are compatible with the Oceanic Dive Housing?

The Oceanic Dive Housing is compatible with iPhone models from the SE 2nd generation to the latest models.