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How To Blow Bubble Rings


Blowing the perfect bubble rings is something like the holy grail for a Scuba Diver. It is definitely a skill that takes time and patience to perfect. But boy, when you get it right it is an amazing sight that will surely impress your fellow divers.

It all starts with your buoyancy. When you go to blow your bubble ring, you need to be extremely stationary in the water column. If you have any turbulence in the water around you, the bubble ring will break almost immediately. So, keep still. Probably the best place to practice this would be with resting on the sand with a completely deflated BCD.

You need to steady yourself to stop any water movement around you. This takes about 10 seconds or so to let settle. So, the best way to give yourself 10 seconds without stirring the water with either ur bubbles or movement is to lay on the sand, face up towards the surface, and slowly inhale. This will stop bubbles coming out and give you a good breath to blow your perfect Bubble rings with. When I start to inhale, I also use my hands to hold my mask firm on my face to stop any small bubbles from escaping into the water.

Then slowly take your regulator out of your mouth (Making sure that you rest it on your chest for easy retrieval once you have blown the perfect bubble ring). Once the regulator is out, is started to swallow all the residual saliva that is in your mouth. This will cause the bubble to break into tiny bubbles when you try and blow your perfect bubble ring. Spend the time to do this right, because it is the make or break of your bubble ring.

Once you are certain that your mouth is free of all residual saliva, look directly to the surface. Your lips need to be pointing directly perpendicular to the surface of the water. If you, do it on an angle the ring doesn’t form.

With your lips perpendicular to the surface, completely fill your cheeks with gas from your lungs. Then in one solid puff of gas, very quickly pop the gas out of your cheeks into the water and close your mouth behind it. This will cause a sharp and short bubble to form.

It is a common misconception that we need to somehow form the bubble, like you do when you blow and smoke ring. But because we are diving with compressed gas, as the round (Sharp and Short) bubble moves upwards through the water column, physics takes care of the rest. As we know, the compressed air we breathe while diving expands when it goes up through the column. As this occurs it naturally forms a circulation in the bubble folding the expanding in on itself. As this occurs a hole form in the middle of the bubble and the Perfect Blown Bubble ring forms.

How to Blow Bubble Rings Tips

  • If there is little to no turbidity (Partials) in the water, your attempt to Blow bubble rings will be more successful.
  • If there is little to no water movement, your attempt to blow bubble rings will also be more successful.
  • The first few attempts from your single inhale have a higher chance of success then at the end of your breath.
  • Get your buddies to watch you do it, because if it works perfectly and you Blow the perfect Bubble ring, they will not even see it and never believe you anyway. So, take turns at attempts.
  • If you want to get tricky, try and blow different sized rings one after another. Depending on the amount of gas in each, they will surface at different rates, and they overtake each other. IT IS AWESOME…

Good luck, and just remember take your time with the preparation prior to blowing your first bubble. That way you increase the chance it will work straight off the bat. Have fun!