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Top Snorkelling Gear Picks Of 2024: Dive Into Quality & Comfort


Top Snorkelling Gear Picks of 2024: Dive into Quality & Comfort

Ready to dive into your next snorkelling adventure, but not sure about the gear? This article is your 

Key Takeaways

  • A well-fitted snorkelling mask is crucial for comfort and clear underwater views, with silicone skirts and tempered glass offering durability and a watertight seal.

  • Dry snorkels with valves prevent water entry and are user-friendly for both beginners and enthusiasts, while high-quality fins with advanced designs enhance movement efficiency.

  • For safety and enjoyment, gear like kids’ snorkeling sets, sun-protective rash guards, and underwater cameras are recommended, alongside respecting marine life and following safety practices such as using a dive flag.

Selecting Your Snorkeling Mask

A person wearing a snorkeling mask and exploring the underwater world

In the enchanting underwater world, a good quality snorkelling mask is your window to the wonders beneath the surface. Not just allowing clear, unobstructed views, a well-fitted mask also ensures comfort and protects your eyes from the sting of saltwater. The fit of the mask is paramount, and a simple test is to hold it to your face without using the strap. If it forms a seal when you breathe in through the nose, you’ve found your match.

When it comes to material, opt for masks with a silicone skirt and tempered glass. Silicone skirts form a watertight seal and are more durable than rubber ones. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is scratch-resistant and less prone to shattering, ensuring long-term durability.

Next, we’ll delve into the various kinds of snorkel masks available.

Types of Snorkel Masks

Snorkel masks come in a variety of styles, each catering to different needs and preferences. From single and double lens options to full-face designs, choosing the right type of mask can significantly enhance your snorkelling experience. For instance, individuals with facial hair may find low-profile masks with soft silicone skirts provide a better seal. On the other hand, if you wear prescription glasses, twin lens snorkel masks can be fitted with prescription lenses, allowing crystal clear underwater vision.

The volume of the mask also plays a crucial role. Masks with lower volume are easier to clear and equalise, making them a popular choice among seasoned snorkelers. To keep your vision clear underwater, consider treating your snorkel mask with anti-fog solutions. These sprays, gels, or films are easy to apply and leave no residue, ensuring unobstructed views of the underwater world.

Next, we’ll focus on the unique aspects of the full-face snorkel and the snorkelling experience it provides.

The Full Face Snorkel Experience

A person using a full face snorkel mask for a comfortable snorkeling experience

Full face snorkel masks have gained popularity among snorkelers for the following reasons:

  • They offer a 180-degree panoramic view

  • They integrate the mask and the snorkel, reducing the need for separate parts assembly

  • They are particularly beneficial for beginners

  • The ability to breathe naturally through both the nose and mouth with a full face snorkel mask reduces anxiety and allows snorkelers to focus on the beauty around them.

However, as alluring as full-face masks may seem, they have their limitations. These face mask options are not suitable for high-impact activities and may have fit issues. Additionally, the risk of scratching and the potential greenhouse effect may impact your snorkelling experience, making them not the best mask choice.

Also, while CO2 buildup has been a concern, studies from organisations like the Divers Alert Network (DAN) have found that with properly tested full face snorkel masks, this is not an issue. So, if you decide to go for the full face snorkel experience, ensure to choose a properly tested mask.

Essential Snorkels for Breathing Easy

A high-quality dry snorkel for comfortable and uninterrupted breathing

As you marvel at the vibrant coral reefs and playful schools of fish, your dry snorkel ensures that you can breathe easily. Dry snorkels, with their innovative design, have made underwater exploration a seamless experience. These snorkels are equipped with valves at the top that seal when submerged, preventing water from entering. Additional features, like a dry ball chamber and a buoyant tab, keep the snorkel sealed against water intrusion, especially when waves pass overhead.

After surfacing, the purge valve at the base of the snorkel makes it easy to expel water, simplifying the clearing process. Although dry snorkels with a dry valve are ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, they may sometimes block air due to valve closing. Also, the additional weight due to the valve might be less favourable for activities like freediving or for users who prefer streamlined equipment. Nevertheless, high-quality snorkels with a splash guard and soft silicone mouthpieces ensure a secure and comfortable snorkelling experience.

Fins: The Key to Efficient Movement

Imagine being able to glide effortlessly in the water, moving with the grace of a dolphin. That’s what a good pair of fins can do for you. Full-foot fins, in particular, offer a combination of comfort and efficiency, making them ideal for snorkelling in warm tropical waters. Advanced designs, like the Mares Avanti Tre, incorporate channels and vents on the blades, reducing leg fatigue by efficiently channelling water during the kick cycle.

On the other hand, some snorkelers prefer open-heel fins for their customizable fit and versatility, especially when walking over rough terrain to reach snorkelling spots. No matter what type of fins you choose, remember that comfortable and efficient fins are crucial for conserving energy and ensuring safety while snorkelling, especially when dealing with currents.

However, if you’re travelling and space for gear is at a premium, compact travel fins could be a great solution.

Compact Fins for Travel

Travelling to exotic snorkelling destinations often involves packing smart, and compact travel fins can be a game-changer. These fins balance size, weight, and performance, ensuring they serve well for both travel and in-water activities. Brands like Cressi Palau and U.S. Divers offer fins with shorter blades and lighter weight, making them easy to pack.

Consider the Cressi Palau Fins, which are highly compact, weighing only 2.2 pounds and measuring 18 inches in length, fitting perfectly into your carry-on luggage. So, whether you’re a cruiser with limited suitcase space or a backpacker looking to travel light, compact fins ensure an efficient and speedy experience in the water.

Snorkelling Gear Sets for Every Adventurer

A snorkeler with snorkeling gear set exploring the underwater world

With a wide variety of snorkelling gear available, there’s something to suit every type of snorkeler, from beginners to experts. The US Divers Cozumel set, for instance, offers an affordable introduction for those new to snorkelling. For snorkelers seeking the best snorkel experience in terms of high quality and durability, the Cressi Palau snorkel set is a premium option. These sets often include a mask, snorkel, and adjustable fins, offering a convenient solution for snorkelers at various levels.

But what about the options for young explorers? Here we’ll discuss kids’ snorkeling sets and snorkelling packages.

Kids' Snorkelling Sets

Introducing kids to the magical underwater world can be an exciting adventure. However, ensuring their safety is paramount. Kids’ snorkeling sets, like the Mares Sea Pals and Cressi Kids, are designed with children’s safety and ease of use in mind. They include dry snorkels that prevent water intake and splash guards for added safety.

These snorkel sets are adjustable, accommodating children aged 3 to 8, ensuring the gear grows along with the kids. Plus, with a great range of bold, fun colours and characters, these sets make snorkelling an attractive activity for children. Our selection offers a huge range of options to choose from.

Safeguarding Your Skin and Feet

Snorkelling is not just about exploring the underwater world; it’s also about ensuring your comfort and safety. Rash guards and wetsuits provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays, jellyfish stings, and abrasions. They also add buoyancy, making floating on the water easier. When selecting a rash guard, opt for materials like nylon, spandex, or neoprene, which provide warmth and sun protection. Make sure to choose one with 50+ UVF for maximum sun protection.

Your feet also need protection, especially when walking over rough terrains or swimming near a reef. Some features to consider for water shoes or reef shoes are:

  • Quick-drying materials

  • Thick anti-skid outsole

  • Multiple drainage holes

  • Snug fit to prevent sand entry

  • Adjustable bungee drawcord

  • Reinforced toe bumpers

These features will help protect your feet from sharp rocks, sea urchins, and hot sand when you wear booties.

Pack Smart: Snorkelling Gear Accessories

Apart from the key snorkelling gear, there are some essential accessories that can enhance your snorkeling experience. Mesh bags, for instance, are great for efficiently transporting your gear. With options like the TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack and the Cressi Heavy Duty Mesh Backpack, you can keep all your gear organised and ready to go.

Then there’s the snorkelling vest, adding an extra layer of safety, especially for those who are not strong swimmers. It provides buoyancy and visibility on the water, ensuring you can be easily spotted by your partner or boat.

Lastly, for a fog-free snorkelling experience, anti-fog solutions like Quick Spit can be applied to your snorkel mask. These come in small, 3-ounce bottles that are easy to pack and carry.

Capturing Memories Underwater

An underwater camera capturing the beauty of the ocean

Now, with your gear all set, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture the beauty of the underwater world to relive these magical moments later? An underwater camera is your best friend in this endeavour. Top picks like the Canon G7X and GoPro Hero10 capture stunning underwater images and videos, allowing you to share your experiences with friends and family.

Certain cameras offer waterproof capabilities without the need for a separate housing, though they might not match the durability of cameras with a separate housing. For stable and high-quality underwater video recording, consider using accessories like underwater tripods.

Respect the Ocean: Snorkelling Etiquette and Safety

While exploring the underwater world, we must bear in mind our role as guests in this aquatic wonderland. Respect for marine life and safety guidelines is paramount, not just for our safety but also for the preservation of these beautiful ecosystems. Using a dive flag while snorkelling is important for visibility and safety. It signals to boats the presence of a snorkeler and to maintain a safe distance.

Dive flags, recognised by their red background with a white diagonal stripe, are often required by law in areas where snorkelers and divers are present to prevent accidents. Florescent green has been identified as the most visible colour to boaters, increasing the likelihood of being seen and avoiding potential collisions. Even with a snorkelling dive flag, snorkelers should stay vigilant for approaching boats and may need to signal or move to avoid danger.


As we conclude our deep dive into the world of snorkelling gear, it’s evident that the right equipment not only enhances your underwater experience but also ensures safety and comfort. From selecting the perfect mask to understanding the importance of fins, from packing smart with compact gear to capturing the underwater wonders, every aspect plays a critical role in your snorkelling adventure. So gear up, dive in, and let the ocean reveal its secrets to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gear is best for snorkelling?

The best gear for snorkelling includes a mask, snorkel, and fins, which can greatly enhance your comfort and experience in the water.

What are the 3 basic equipment in snorkelling?

All you need for snorkelling are a snorkel, mask, and fins. If you're in cooler waters, consider adding a wetsuit and reef-safe sunblock for extra protection.

What is the best snorkel set for beginners?

For beginners, the OceanPro Yongala snorkel set or the US Divers Cozumel set are both great choices. However, the OceanPro Yongala set  set is particularly known for offering excellent value for money.

Can I bring snorkel gear on a cruise?

Yes, you can definitely bring snorkel gear on a cruise. It's great to have your own gear for snorkelling excursions and exploring the ports of call.

What is the advantage of a full-face snorkel mask?

The advantage of a full-face snorkel mask is that it offers a 180-degree panoramic view and allows natural breathing through both the nose and mouth, which is particularly beneficial for beginners. Happy snorkelling!