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Indulge in the aquatic universe with Mahina MerFins, the safest Mermaid fins that also offer the highest performance and functionality available. And if you're looking for distinctness, Water Woman's Black MerFin is sure to fascinate and ignite your spirit with the power of the depths.

You won't be slowed down by the neutral buoyancy, softness, or flexibility of the MerFins - the unique design of each blade provides the appropriate thrust and fluid motion through the water, making the fin feel like a natural extension of your body.

Simplicity with safety in mind is the foundation of the MerFin's band - a simple ankle flick frees the swimmer's feet. It's perfect for aquatic exploration of any kind and is an excellent fitness device, providing strength and grace when used as an entire-body motion.

Womens MerFins are designed to provide an inviting authentic mermaid swimming experience and cater for teens, women of all ages while being environmentally-sensitive too - made from natural and recycled rubber. With Mahina MerFins, dive in with the confidence of a true water woman.

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