Scientific Diver

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Research or Scientific SCUBA Diver course - This is the qualification you require to allow you to conduct occupational diving for Scientific and Research purposes.

The new VETAB Skills Service Council Nationally Recognised training course AHCLPW305A: Perform diving for scientific purposes - the PADI Scientific SCUBA Diver training course will give you the Qualifications.

AHCLPW305A Perform Diving for Scientific Purpose

During this course you will complete a number of tasks showing your ability, which will include:

  • Deploy a SMB from depth using reels.
  • Perform a zero visibility Dive with a blacked-out mask using Lines and signals
  • Perform a Emergency rescue as a Standby diver in zero visibility.
  • Surface swim 200mtr in full scuba.
  • Practice a range of search pattern.
  • Refresh your first aid skills
  • The use of pony bottles
  • Complete theory exams for the Scientific diver
  • Submit Risk Assessments, Proposals, Checklists and Dive Plans for Scientific Dives.
    Previous Scientific and Research Diving experience is essential along with a high level of competency in general Scuba Diving Skills.

    There is pre reading for this course as well as a homework as a homework research assignment

If there are no dates which suit, please call us on 02 9583 9662 and we can look at designing a date around your needs.

PADI rescue Diver or equivalent Pre requisites for this program is your PADI Advanced Open Water, which must include Navigation, Deep, and Night dive

Apply First aid course with HLTFA301B certificate and have a current HLTCPR201A perform CPR certificate (if first aid is within 12 months, the CPR will be current)

You need a dive medical for this program

All divers require: Full set of Dive Equipment including computer and compass. Dive Knife.

Quality Safety Sausage suitable for deployment underwater Torch.

Tanks, weights and air is supplied as part of the course.

Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this course. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.