Kiama Mask With Corrective Lenses

Stock No. MEM021BLCL

The Kiama is one of the best fitting masks with sensational cumfort and vision. and the optical lenses strengths of 

Low -3.5 

strengths of 

Low -3.5 

Med -5 

High -6.5

The key to the Kiama is in its skirt and frame design. the compact skirt conforms to a wide range of face shapes and along with the frame keeps the 2 lens system angled and close to the divers eyes.
With skirt mounted quick adjust buckles this mask is sure to increase your diving enjoyment.

This is a great all round mask but especially good for the avid snorkeler and Free diver.


  • Quality Japanese silicone skirt
  • Skirt mounted quick adjust buckles
  • Angles frame and lenses
  • Compact 2 lens design keeps internal volume extremely low
  • Range of great colours.

Things appear approximately 33% larger/closer underwater due to refraction so if you have only slightly corrected vision, you may be able to see just fine underwater.

But if you need a correction greater than what the water offers then there are several options available:

1.      Disposable soft contact lenses work brilliantly underwater and are one of the more readily available and cost-friendly options. The main benefit that contact lenses provide is that of being able to use them both on the surface as well as in the water, making them extremely popular with the eyeglass wearing diver community. Though there is always the risk of them occasionally floating away should you take off or clean your mask underwater, many still swear by contact lenses and have completed numerous dives without ever losing one. Still, make sure you keep those eyes closed while clearing your diving mask underwater, and carry along an extra set just in case.

2.      For those who are not comfortable with wearing contact lenses while scuba diving, there are still options out there. Prescription Scuba Diving Masks Below are Prescription Scuba Diving Masks that can be fitted on them spot with Pre-made optical correction lenses. Pre-made correction lenses work only of the Sphere measurement of your optical prescription. For example, -2 left eye and -2.5 right eye. If you are unsure of your script and what you need for your prescription. Contact your Optometrist and ask for the best measurement. You will want to let them know that the pre-made lenses are only the sphere and come in .5 Increments.


3.      If your problem is more complex then contact us to discuss tailor-made lenses.


Kiama Mask With Corrective Lenses options

Right Eye


Left Eye


Colour of Mask