Shearwater Teric

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The Shearwater Teric has a bright, vivid colour display in a solid watch-style wrist dive computer! The intuitive menus are a dream to work with and give the user an unprecedented amount of customisation!

Dive Modes:

  • OC REC: 3 Gas Nitrox Recreational
  • OC TEC: Multi Gas, Trimix, Decompression
  • CC/BO: Closed Circuit & Bailout
  • Gauge: Bottom timer with stop watch
  • Freediving: Configurable Sampling Rate & Alarms


  • Configurable haptic and audible alarms
  • Configurable sampling rates
  • Simple and Powerful
  • (Optional) Air Integration
  • Digital Compass (3 Axis, Tilt Compensated)
  • Bluetooth
  • Many different watch faces
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • Optional colourful wrist bands
  • 316 Stainless Bezel & Buttons
  • Decompression Computer


  • Display Size & Type: 3.5cm AMOLED 400x400px
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: 30Hrs (Dive) or 50Hrs (Watch)
  • Depth Rating: 200m
  • Number of Gases: 5
  • Dive Log: 500 Hours

Shearwater Teric options


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The Shearwater Research Swift is the newest model of smart tank-pressure transmitters. The Swift allows divers to carry more transmitters, with less of a risk that the communication among them will be dropped. This is because the Swift uses collision avoidance protocol, which allows four or more transmitters to be used simultaneously without having their communications be disrupted.

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