The SUBSABRE E1 packs a punch underwater, is simple to use and robust in design, all at a very attractive price. Waterproof to 50 metres and with three modes of operation, this compact light will not let you down no matter where you take it during your… - Read More

AU$ 59.00

Easily and temporarily converts your Din Regulator to Yoke. The perfect accessory for International travel to dive destinations where Yoke valve configurations are common place. - Read More

AU$ 66.60

This slate is perfect for Instructors and Divemasters who want to have considerable amount of writting on a slate. Two levels of slate for easy communications. Can be easily attached to any any BCD by a webbing and buckle. - Read More

AU$ 30.60

Ocean Pro

Heavy duty robust construction designed to work in strong cureents An absolute must for divers who have to decompress in high current areas Ideal for divers who may have trouble in safely completing a drifting deco stop Simple design which is fuss free… - Read More

AU$ 35.96

This unique hanger is built specifically for hanging your expensive BC and regulator. Raised hooks are added to the tips of the hanger shoulders to prevent the BC from sliding off. A T-hook extends from the bottom of the hanger for draping hoses from… - Read More

AU$ 19.80

Ocean Pro

One of the most popular accessories when diving in delicate reef eco systems. Commonly used by guides to identify features on a reef without human contamination via touching. - Read More

AU$ 18.00

Slate Wrist 3 Piece A curved design that fits comfortably around the wrist with Velcro strap and 2 bungees for easy attachment. Multiple 3 in 1 layersPencil Included. - Read More

AU$ 26.10