Safety Gear

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced diver, or somewhere in between, you understand the importance of having the right safety equipment when discovering the depths of the ocean. When it comes to scuba diving safety gear, divers should always consider carrying these top four pieces of equipment: a cutting tool, SMB/DSMB and reels along with a marine rescue GPS.

The cutting tool is essential as it'll come in handy during potential entanglement situations. With its sharp blade and rope cutter hook, this must-have diving accessory can help get you out of these tough predicaments.

With SMB/DSMB and Reels on hand, you can ensure that your ascent will be safe. You can designate a surface marker buoy to return safely back to the boat or beach – just release your device at a predetermined depth and watch it rise up during your final dive stage.

Finally, a marine rescue GPS provides emergency information in case of an unexpected breakdown or equipment failure - ensuring you have all of your vital details on board for any rescues services accessing your location quickly & accurately.

Take control over your dives today by investing in these four incredible scuba diving safety gears! Each are essential devices for make every underwater adventure a safe one - no matter what level of experience you are!.

Scuba Diving Safety Gear

View Product ADD TO CART Finger Reel 15m
OCEANPRO Finger Reel 15m
Abyss Price: AU$ 31.35 Recommended AU$ 33.00
View Product ADD TO CART T-rex Knife - Stainless
OCEANPRO T-Rex Knife - Stainless
Abyss Price: AU$ 118.75 Recommended AU$ 125.00
View Product ADD TO CART T-rex Knife - Titanium
OCEANPRO T-Rex Knife - Titanium
Abyss Price: AU$ 204.25 Recommended AU$ 215.00
View Product ADD TO CART Oceanpro Sub-sabre - E1
OCEANPRO Oceanpro Sub-Sabre - E1
Abyss Price: AU$ 60.80 Recommended AU$ 64.00
View Product ADD TO CART Dive Flag Pvc - Small
OCEANPRO Dive Flag Pvc - Small
Abyss Price: AU$ 8.10 Recommended AU$ 12.00
View Product ADD TO CART Reef Hook (316 Zinc Hook)
OCEANPRO Reef Hook (316 Zinc Hook)
Abyss Price: AU$ 35.96 Recommended AU$ 52.00
View Product ADD TO CART Psd O Pro Deco Buoy W/pouch Orange
OCEANPRO Psd O Pro Deco Buoy W/pouch Orange
Abyss Price: AU$ 94.05 Recommended AU$ 99.00
View Product ADD TO CART Signal Tube
OCEANPRO Signal Tube
Abyss Price: AU$ 9.50 Recommended AU$ 10.00
View Product ADD TO CART Ocean Pro Sub-sabre R2 - 1200 Lumen
OCEANPRO Ocean Pro Sub-Sabre R2 - 1200 Lumen
Abyss Price: AU$ 199.00 Recommended AU$ 249.00