The Right Dive Wetsuit for Your Next Diving Adventure


If you're looking to go diving in colder waters, you'll need to invest in a wetsuit! Scuba diving wetsuits get their name because you still get wet while wearing one. Your body quickly heats the thin layer of water that gets in, and you’re insulated from the cooler surrounding water by the wetsuit material. You choose your wetsuit style and thickness based on the water temperature where you’ll dive.

Scuba diving wetsuits are made from closed-cell neoprene with large, uniform bubbles that provide good insulating qualities. The neoprene is usually coated or lined with fabric or sprays to add strength and colour, plus makes it easier to slide into. Bare neoprene on the inside doesn’t slide on as easily but does minimize water circulation within the suit.

The warmth of a scuba diving wetsuit is directly related to its thickness. Common wetsuit thicknesses start at 1mm and go up to 9mm, with the most common being 3mm (for warm water), 5mm (for temperate water) or 7 mm (for cold water). In Sydney, scuba sivers typically dive with a 5mm or 7mm.

When choosing a scuba diving wetsuit, make sure to take into account the type of scuba diving you'll be doing. If you're doing a lot of physical activity, you'll want a thinner wetsuit, so you don't overheat. Conversely, if you're doing more sedentary diving, you can opt for a thicker wetsuit for more warmth. It's also important to consider the water temperature when choosing a wetsuit thickness. In general, you'll want a 3 mm wetsuit for warm water diving, a 5 mm wetsuit for temperate water diving, and a 7 mm or thicker wetsuit for cold water diving.

Advice On How Choosing a Wetsuit

Now that you know a little bit more about scuba diving wetsuits, it's time to start shopping for the right one for your next scuba diving adventure!

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