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What Is A Dive Shop


What is a Dive Shop?

In Australia, divers commonly refer to a diving facility as a dive shop. A dive shop is the base location where recreational divers learn how to scuba dive or enjoy guided dive trips both locally and further away locations. It is normally a shop selling scuba diving gear equipped with a diving air compressor to fill the tanks. The dive shop normally offers facilities to repair and maintain scuba gear.

Providing an enjoyable and safe diving experience for both beginner and experienced divers is an essential part of a dive shop’s core competency. The following four key products & services offered by a scuba dive shop are training, toys, trips & holidays, and social interactions. The first time a customer comes to a scuba dive shop for training. In the longer term, the main attraction is the social interactions.

Scuba diving is an equipment-intensive sport and your local dive shop can either rent you the scuba gear or you may purchase it from them once you’ve decided that you dive enough to justify that step. The advantage of purchasing your equipment from your local dive shop not only includes supporting your friends in the dive shop along with the shops social events, but they also have expert knowledge and support from professionally trained dive instructors who comprehend your needs.

When looking for a dive shop, first pick one that offers all four components (training, toys, trips, and social interactions) so that on a long term basis they can meet all your needs as a scuba diver. Remember you are learning to dive for the long term and that your scuba certification lasts you a lifetime and many divers keep their relationship with their dive shop for just as long.

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