A little-known, yet awe-inspiring Sydney dive site.

Site Large site, only diveable on very flat seas
Experience Level Open Water
Max Depth 25m
Warnings Only one safe exit, best on high tide
Conditions Best SW to NW swells. All other conditions swell must be less than 0.5m. Best on High Tide.
Location Sir Joseph Banks Drive, Kurnell 

On the secluded south side of the Kurnell National Park, Voodoo point is a little-known, yet awe-inspiring Sydney dive site. Named by surfers after the almost supernatural sets unleashed upon it, Voodoo should only be attempted when the wax heads are elsewhere. Like Cape Solander, this site should only be done by experienced divers and only when conditions are exceptionally placid. Like Solander, it can provide peerless visibility, at times exceeding 25 metres. Bear in mind this site can exceed depth limits for Open Water divers. Voodoo’s highlight is an overhang which upon waves break, allowing you to actually see the waves safely from beneath.



The best way to dive Voodoo is to head south-west after passing the entry/exit boulders. You’ll see a defined ‘canyon’ in the rock below you which continues for about 200 metres. There is a large cavern-like overhang here. Its surface is in about 5 metres of water and protects a large slab of rock beneath (in approximately 9 metres). From here you can look directly up and see waves breaking overhead.

From here continue south through a fairly defined canyon, walled on either side by large boulders. It descends to around the 20-metre mark and then the reef drops off quite sharply to 25+metres. Turnaround is generally best along the same route, or alternatively, you can cut back on a north-eastern route, giving you a shorter swim.

Voodoo Dive Site

voodoo map

 Location of Voodoo Kurnell

Take the right-hand turn-off at the Caltex sign (pictured) off Captains Cook Drive along Sir Joseph Banks Drive Kurnell. Follow this to its end and turn right into an inconspicuous dirt road that takes a back route into the National Park. Count the speed humps until you reach the car park


Things you can see: 

In Voodoo point diving, you will get sweet encounters with huge schools of yellowtail, kingfish, leather jackets, wobbegong sharks, angel sharks, Port Jackson sharks, bull rays, southern eagle rays. Also a marvelous array of sponges.

Things to be careful of:

  • Conditions have to be flat as a mill pond for this site to be considered assess the swell and sets for several minutes before making your mind up. Remember that the conditions can change without warning.
  • This dive site reaches depths past the limit for Open Water divers, don't dive past your training or limitations.
  • Time your entries and exits carefully, wait until you can anticipate the sets and swells.