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The Nautilus Lifeline has been designed with the tough in mind. With a 130-metre depth rating, and a 5-year battery life, it gives the peace of mind a diver, paddler, fisherman or any ocean goer needs to enjoy their sport with safety. Compact and hi-vis, the Nautilus will fit into any BCD or jacket pocket with the ability to also tuck into your life jacket.

Why should all ocean goers carry a Nautilus Lifeline?

With a satellite messenger onboard, the Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is not only a personal locator beacon and more than an EPIRB, but a communicator putting you in direct contact with all AIS equipped boats, ships or anyone within 55 metres of you. The new release is half the size of the original model and extremely easy to activate making it a no-brainer to carry for safety. If you are on or in the water you should carry a Nautilus. Compact, super tough and affordable, the Nautilus advises all AIS equipped boats exactly where you are without triggering any emergency response, it's the safety device you shouldn't leave the shore without.


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