Gift Certificate - 5  Trip Boat Card

Abyss Scuba Diving

Gift Certificate - 5 Trip Boat Card

Stock No.  5DBDGC
AU$ 550.00
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A gift card giving five double boat dives. Any gear rental tanks or air fills are extra.

The standard price for a double boat dive is normally $120.


There are two options for sending the gift certificate:

The following are some details you need, depending on how you processed your order.


1.      Sent the Gift Certificate direct to the recipient.  In this case the recipient already has an email advising them you purchased the gift certificate, including your message. They will have instructions on how to claim the certificate, and you have no more to do. They can now enjoy the great gift you have given them.

2.      Sent the Certificate to Yourself. In this case, you need to claim the gift card. Send us an email with the details for whom you wish the gift card to be issued to (full name and email), and we will allocate the certificate to the person. At the appropriate time, you can print off the attached Gift Certificate or forward it to the recipient.



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