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Bc2 Black Medium Without Inflator

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The Atomic BC2 is the rear inflation BCD evolution of the acclaimed Atomic BC series. The tough, corrosion-resistant materials is one one of the reasons that the BC2 is best bcds on the market. With custom 316 Stainless Steel D rings with Titanium PVD Coating it is a BC designed for ultimate comfort. As a result of the Atomic “design studio” approach, the BC2 is a radical design departure from conventional back inflation buoyancy control device. It is also the TOUGHEST BACK INFLATION BC in the world. bc2

The Atomic BC2 is the latest innovation in buoyancy control devices from Atomic Aquatics. This state-of-the-art scuba diving gear is designed to provide superior performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for both the recreational scuba diver and professional diver alike. The unique design of the bc2 provides ultimate comfort and control while scuba diving and its tough construction can withstand the most extreme conditions. If you're looking for the best possible scuba diving experience, the Atomic BC2 is a perfect choice.


The BC2 is for the divers who desire a high-performance and incredibly durable BC, the back inflation BC2 extends the Atomic BC to meet the need of those divers who want a back inflation BCD. Divers now have the option of purchasing an Atomic Aquatics BC, with all the exclusive features introduced in the BC1, in either jacket style or back inflation design.

Atomic BC2 BCD Features

  • Atomic BC2 BCD:
  • Back Inflation Style by Atomic Aquatics
  • For Divers Wanting the Absolute Best World-Class BC
  • Atomic Product Mission: Redefining Product Category
  • Time to Design the Ultimate BC
  • Atomics Priority for BC Durability:
    Exclusive Engineering-Grade
    Plastics, Polyurethane Coated Textiles, & Corrosion-Resistant Metals
    Designed to Go Toe-to-Toe w/Ocean Environment
    Simply the Toughest BC In-the-World
  • Custom Matte-Finish Fabric, Different Look and Feel
  • New Fabric Unlike Any-Other-BCD
  • Bladder: Strong Double-Laminated Polyurethane Textile Material, Hold More Pressure
  • Sheds Water Like Raincoat, Polyurethane Coating on Both-Sides
  • Exterior Coating: Thicker, Prevent Tearing, Cutting or Leaking
  • Virtually Dry Right After Dive
  • New High Tenacity Inner Bladder Material
  • High Strength, Replaceable Inner Bladder
  • Secure Tank Band Design:
    Ratcheting Band Quickly Adjusts
    Accommodate Variety of Tank Sizes
    Over-Center Buckle Locks Tightly-in-Place
  • Weight Integration:
    Dual Zipper Closure Weight Pockets
    Releasable Weight, Size SM to LG; Pouches Hold Up to 4.5 kg
    Size XL; Up to  6.35 kg
    Non-Releasable Weight; 2.7 kg to 4.5 kg  Depending On BCD Size
  • Weight Pouches Glide into Weight Pockets
  • Simple One-Handed Tug-On-Handle to Release Weight
  • Custom 316 Stainless Steel D-Rings with Titanium PVD Coating
  • Diamond Pattern Quilted Back Pad and Adjustable Lumbar Pad
  • Non-Skid Tank Pad with CNC-Machined Stainless-Steel Hardware Molded to the Frame
  • Sand-Resistant Pocket Zippers
  • Buoyancy Control:
    Ai Power Inflator w/Cable Activated Pull Dump
    Low-Friction 316 Stainless Steel Dry Glide Exhaust Pull Dump
    Pull Dumps in Two Locations
    Patent-Pending Anti-Floating Pull Knob w/Lengthened Tail Section
  • Atomic Ai Power Inflator:
    Industry's First High-Performance BCD Power Inflators
    All Stainless-Steel Mechanism
    2-Year/300-Dive Service Interval
  • Perfect Complement to Atomic Aquatics Line of High-Performance Regulators
  • Series Engineered to Be-the-Best Power Inflators In-the-World
  • Proven, Corrosion-Resistant Materials
  • Designed-to-Be Most Diver-Friendly BCD Inflators
  • Employing Signature Atomic Aquatics Style and Materials
  • Large, Over-Molded Buttons for Convenient, Smooth Diver Inflation
  • Includes: 3/8" Threaded Low-Pressure Hose w/Quick-Disconnect Coupling
  • Custom Fit Adjustability:
    Torso, Sternum and Waist Adjustable Straps
    All Straps; Squeeze-Style Side Release Buckles for Easy Donning/Doffing
    Buckles; Durable Impact Resistant Plastic for Strength and Durability
    Adjustable Cummerbund for Added Comfort and Security
  • 3-Planes of Adjustability: You're Assured Custom and Comfortable Fit
  • Lift Capacities:
    Small;  13.6 kg
    Medium;  15.4 kg
    Medium-Large; 16.33 kg
    Large;  20.4 kg
  • BCD Weight: 9.5 lbs. in SM to 10.5 lbs. in XL
  • Owner's Manual


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