Hollis ST Elite System


Hollis ST Elite System

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The Hollis ST Elite System is a top-quality product designed for experienced divers who demand the best in comfort, stability, and control. The system is constructed with durable materials and features an innovative design that has been tested and proven in the most demanding conditions. The Hollis ST Elite System is designed to provide maximum stability and control, allowing divers to focus on their underwater environment and enjoy their dive to the fullest.

The Hollis ST Elite System includes a modular shoulder system that allows for easy adjustment and customization, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for any diver. The system also features a unique wing design that provides optimal buoyancy control and stability, even in challenging underwater environments. Additionally, the Hollis ST Elite System includes an integrated weight system that allows for quick and easy weight adjustments while diving.

One of the standout features of the Hollis ST Elite System is its backplate design. The backplate is made from high-quality stainless steel, providing durability and strength without adding unnecessary weight. The backplate is also designed with multiple attachment points, allowing divers to customize their gear configuration to meet their specific needs. The Hollis ST Elite System is the perfect choice for experienced divers who demand the best in dive equipment, whether exploring wrecks, deep sea caves, or other underwater environments. 

  • ST 35 Wing uses a 360 degree tapered design for improved diver trim
  • ST 35 is built with an inner bladder and a rugged abrasion resistant external shell of 1680 Cordura allowing for a 5 Year warranty
  • Elite 2 Harness is feature rich with 6 x S/S D Rings, adjustable quick release shoulder straps and a sternum strap. Making for a super comfortable harness that is perfect for both Recreational and Technical divers.
  • All new 2.0 Aluminium Backplate is super light (0.68KG) and also has improved ergonomics and fit over its predecessor.
  • Back and Lumbar support come standard to improved Diver comfort
  • Optional quick release weight system that is easily added to the harness and backplate (sold separately)

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