Hydrotac Lenses +1.5


Hydrotac Lenses +1.5

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Many divers/snorkelers miss out on all the small details simply because they don't have the magnification they need. Lots of individuals particularly over the age of 40 use some sort of magnification on a regular basis for reading. Divers need to read their compass, regulators, computers gauges and other instruments.

No longer take the risk of misreading any of your instruments or not being able to focus your camera. Using a pair of StickOn Bifocals is a quick and economical solution to adding magnification to any dive masks.

These lenses are made from an adherent silicone like material that does not require a doctor's prescription. These lenses simply give you the magnification you need when you need it. Simply apply our lenses to the inside of your sunglasses, diving mask, safety goggles or any other eyewear.

If you already wear Reading glasses, you probably know what magnification you need. Then you should order the same magnification for Stick on Bifocals.

If you are unsure of the magnification you require, you can ask your Optometrist or go in to a Pharmacy and try on some reading glasses, then take note of the magnification that best suits you.

Used for sunglasses, safety glasses and Dive masks

  • Before installation, make sure your eyewear and your hands are spotlessly clean by washing them with detergent and hot water.
  • Carefully remove lenses from our free plastic lens case and keep for future storage use.
  • Drop lenses in warm/hot water for a minute or longer prior to installation.
  • Apply one lens at a time to your eyewear, positioning close to the nose bridge and low on the inside.
  • Press down gently on the lens for several seconds to remove excess moisture.
  • Put on your eyewear to check for proper positioning. At this time you can move and adjust the lenses to your specific needs.
  • By using a lint free cloth carefully pat away any excess water from the lens.
  • Allow the lenses to sit and dry in place for 1-2 hours. Keep in mind that your vision through the lenses will be a little blurry until they are completely dried.
  • Repeat these steps for 2nd lens.
    When removing lens, simply place your fingernail under one corner and peel off gently. These lenses are reusable.
    You don't have to remove lenses after every dive, simply rinse your mask gently with tap water to remove all salt residues.


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