Oceanpro Scuba Gear: Unrivalled Quality for your Underwater Adventures


We are thrilled to introduce you to Oceanpro, a distinguished Australian brand and a global leader in scuba gear. Born in 1988 from a deep passion for ocean exploration and innovation, Oceanpro has spent decades refining its products, enabling divers to explore the underwater world with confidence and peace of mind.

As a trusted retailer of Oceanpro, we proudly offer their meticulously designed scuba gear that perfectly blends comfort, fit, and safety. The unique jacket-style design of the Oceanpro Buoyancy Control device provides unparalleled stability and buoyancy, while the heavy-duty padding ensures comfort throughout your dive. With an array of styles and sizes, there's an Oceanpro product tailored for every diver.

Safety is paramount in diving, and Oceanpro products come with easy-to-use safety features, ensuring a secure diving experience. Moreover, Oceanpro's scuba gear is renowned for its exceptional performance, helping you make the most of every underwater adventure.

Every Oceanpro product comes with a warranty, demonstrating their commitment to quality and reliability. Furthermore, Oceanpro gear is versatile and compatible with a wide range of accessories, catering to all your diving needs.

Oceanpro is not just a brand; it's a global community of divers who trust in their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. This trust is reflected in Oceanpro's reputation, with thousands of divers worldwide choosing Oceanpro for their underwater expeditions.

So, fellow divers, are you ready to dive into the world of Oceanpro? Trust in Oceanpro's rich history, believe in their unwavering quality, and join the global community of divers who settle for nothing but the best. Dive with assurance, dive with Oceanpro. We're here to provide you with the best Oceanpro gear for your underwater adventures.

The double bolt snap is made out of stainless steel, so it won't rust and it ultra durable for whatever task you throw at it - Read More

AU$ 19.95

Finger reels are useful in many situations: Attach to your SMB Use for penetrating wrecks Use for measuring Comes in 15m, 30m & 45m lenghts Comes with clip - Read More

AU$ 31.35

The Swivel Bolt Snap High-grade stainless steel Tech or rectrational use Suits a pony bottle due to swivel - Read More

AU$ 17.10

Get your buddies attention with this stainless steel tank rattle! With an easy to use lanyard, never lose your noise maker again! - Read More

AU$ 39.90

Have you filled up your underwater note book? Don't dispair! Re-Fill your underwater note book! - Read More

AU$ 37.80

OCEANPRO BC Knife - Blunt The Stainless Steel BC Knife by Ocean Pro Quick Release Sheath Blunt Tip Design Serrated top edge for sawing Lanyard Hole Suits all BCD types Eco Packaging - Read More

AU$ 65.55

Komodo Dive Knife 304 grade Stainless Steel blade Locking sheath with leg straps included Ergonomic grip handle 14cm blade Hammer end Serrated blade with line cutter - Read More

AU$ 29.00

The Oberon Mask and Snorkel set offers fantastic value for money.Featuring a Frameless designed mask made with quality coloured silicone. The soft silicone seals well on the majority of face types and is available in 3 colours Teal, Blue and Black.The… - Read More

AU$ 75.05

A video light and dive torch in one; the value for money Sub-Sabre V1 offers up to 3,000 Lumens of warm white light in Video mode (110° beam angle) and 800 Lumens as a spotlight in Dive mode (30° Beam angle).Constructed with a durable anodised aluminium… - Read More

AU$ 293.55

A new generation Ocean Pro Mask & Snorkel set designed with extreme comfort in mind. Our product range also includes full face snorkel masks, offering advanced manufacturing, durability, and sun protection for men, women, and kids. The elastic soft… - Read More

AU$ 94.05

Combines the Adult Blade Fin, mask, and snorkel with a wide range of features enhancing comfort, visibility, and safety for swim and snorkelling activities. 100% liquid silicone mask Silicone mouthpiece snorkel Adjustable open heel snorkelling fin with… - Read More

AU$ 116.10

The SUBSABRE E1 packs a punch underwater, is simple to use and robust in design, all at a very attractive price. Waterproof to 50 metres and with three modes of operation, this compact light will not let you down no matter where you take it during your… - Read More

AU$ 60.80

Tour Mask Snorkel Fin Set High grade Silicone mask, fitting a wide face variety Pre-curved snorkel for optimal form and function Reflective snorkel top for safety Soft comfort pocket with channel performance blade Reusable Carry Bag for product protection… - Read More

AU$ 71.25

The OceanPro Rebel range of scuba wetsuits have made a name for being a tough no nonsense feature rich wetsuit. Built to handle the rigours of School and Rental use, the wetsuit is made from Heavy Duty Crush resistant L Foam Neoprene which is double… - Read More

AU$ 359.10

The OceanPro Rebel range of scuba diving wetsuits have made a name for being a tough no nonsense feature rich scuba wetsuit. Built to handle the rigours of School and Rental use, the wetsuit is made from Heavy Duty Crush resistant L Foam Neoprene which… - Read More

AU$ 359.10

Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set urge snorkel and splash top Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece Packaged in a re-usable carry bag Pre-bent design for ultimate comfort Super-soft liquid Silicone Mask with ultimate fit Available in colours: Black,… - Read More

AU$ 46.55

OCEAN HUNTER PHANTOM CAMO MOTTLED MASK & SNORKEL SET Pairing our ever-popular Ocean Hunter Phantom Spearfishing mask with the Phantom Freediving snorkel. This is a perfect set for both recreational freediving and spearfishing at any depth. The satin… - Read More

AU$ 103.55

The Ocean Pro GBR BCD has a simple, robust design that has been manufactured with the toughest materials around to ensure reliability and longevity which makes it absolutely ideal for divers on a budget and who want a quality, long lasting BCD. - Read More

AU$ 521.55

The Oceanpro OP20/ F200 regulator is an unbalanced piston regulator with downstream demand Lever design on the second stage offering quality performance, reliability and simplicity of servicing. Comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece and lightweight design… - Read More

AU$ 499.00

Smaller faces need smaller mask frames! This is why Ocean Hunter also offers its renowned Phantom Mask as a Youth edition. This way you can take your kids onto your next spearfishing adventures. The mask frame of the original Phantom Mask has been scaled… - Read More

AU$ 82.65

The White OceanPro Coral Mask Single Lense Soft silicon Tempered glass - Read More

AU$ 113.05

Easily and temporarily converts your Din Regulator to Yoke. The perfect accessory for International travel to dive destinations where Yoke valve configurations are common place. - Read More

AU$ 66.60