Christmas Ideas


Find the perfect Christmas gift for divers today!


Divers, do you need some help finding the perfect Christmas gift?

Here at Abyss Scuba Diving, we have a great selection of scuba diving gear that would make any diver happy. From wetsuits to fins, we have everything a diver needs to enjoy their time underwater.

We know that divers are always looking for the latest and greatest gear, so we’ve got the latest models of wetsuits, fins, and masks. We also have a great selection of accessories to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a new dive computer or a new set of fins, we’ve got you covered.

Come check out our selection of scuba diving gear today!

Multi Tool

The most versatile Multi-tool on the market inclusive of the most important tools required to adjust reconfigure and maintain your Scuba Gear. The Oceanpro Multi Tool includes 3 Allen keys, Phillips and flat blade screw drivers, brass o-ring pic, shreader… - Read More

AU$ 17.00

Starfish Kids Mask and Snorkel Set Suits Ages: 4 to 7 years High visibility coloured snorkel top Packaged in a reusable carry bag Soft snorkel keeper to minimise hair tangles Easy breathing J style snorkel Available in colours: Blue or Pink - Read More

AU$ 25.65

The Oceanpro Cruz mask and snorkel set combines the low volume Silitex Cruz mask with a J-style snorkel perfect for the recreational snorkeller. Great value for money for beach goers and includes a convenient reusable carry bag to keep you set free from… - Read More

AU$ 27.55

Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set urge snorkel and splash top Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece Packaged in a re-usable carry bag Pre-bent design for ultimate comfort Super-soft liquid Silicone Mask with ultimate fit Available in colours: Black,… - Read More

AU$ 46.55

The SUBSABRE E1 packs a punch underwater, is simple to use and robust in design, all at a very attractive price. Waterproof to 50 metres and with three modes of operation, this compact light will not let you down no matter where you take it during your… - Read More

AU$ 60.80

Tour Mask Snorkel Fin Set High grade Silicone mask, fitting a wide face variety Pre-curved snorkel for optimal form and function Reflective snorkel top for safety Soft comfort pocket with channel performance blade Reusable Carry Bag for product protection… - Read More

AU$ 71.25

The Bondi mask, snorkel and fin set is a great snorkel & fins travel set from Ocean Pro for the kids, so the whole family can join the next snorkelling adventure. The mask features tear-drop shaped lenses for a superior field of vision.… - Read More

AU$ 89.10

A new generation Ocean Pro Mask & Snorkel set designed with extreme comfort in mind. Our product range also includes full face snorkel masks, offering advanced manufacturing, durability, and sun protection for men, women, and kids. The elastic soft… - Read More

AU$ 94.05

The Bondi mask, snorkel and fin set is a great snorkel & fins travel set from Ocean Pro for the kids, so the whole family can join the next snorkelling adventure. The mask features tear-drop shaped lenses for a superior field of vision. The snorkel… - Read More

AU$ 98.10

Mallacoota Mask Snorkel Fin Set Pivot sump snorkel design for customised comfort Comfortable closed heel fin 100% liquid black silicone for optimal vision Easy adjust mask buckles Powerful thrust blade for ease of performance Semi-dry snorkel splash… - Read More

AU$ 103.55

Combines the Adult Blade Fin, mask, and snorkel with a wide range of features enhancing comfort, visibility, and safety for swim and snorkelling activities. 100% liquid silicone mask Silicone mouthpiece snorkel Adjustable open heel snorkelling fin with… - Read More

AU$ 116.10