Christmas Ideas

If you are looking for some Christmasday gifts, ideas, here are some great ideas.

Made from recycled plastic bottles and other PET trash and sustainably sourced cotton, a proprietary technology ensures the weave adds strength and stability to the fibers, thus minimizing the shedding of microplastic when washing. But unlike other recycled… - Read More

AU$ 49.50

The Bondi Mmask, snorkel and fin set is a great snorkel & fins travel set from Ocean Pro for the kids, so the whole family can join the next snorkelling adventure. The mask features tear-drop shaped lenses for a superior field of vision.… - Read More

AU$ 69.00

The Oceanpro Cruz mask and snorkel set combines the low volume Silitex Cruz mask with a J-style snorkel perfect for the recreational snorkeller. Great value for money for beach goers and includes a convenient reusable carry bag to keep you set free from… - Read More

AU$ 29.00

Eclipse Oasis Mask Snorkel Set urge snorkel and splash top Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece Packaged in a re-usable carry bag Pre-bent design for ultimate comfort Super-soft liquid Silicone Mask with ultimate fit Available in colours: Black,… - Read More

AU$ 49.00

PADI and GLACIAL have teamed up in a joint mission to end plastic pollution. If plastic continues to leak into our oceans at the current rate, the oceans are predicted to be filled with more plastic than fish in terms of weight by just 2050. We believe… - Read More

AU$ 50.00

Abyss Scuba Diving
Insulated Cup

Hot coffee, hot soup or iced tea?Keep your favorite drink hot or cold longer with the Urban Coffee Cup. It’s designed to prevent spills while sipping on the go. Finish with your logo and showcase your brand anywhere you go. Trendy 400ml double wall… - Read More

AU$ 29.95

The perfect blend of form, function and sustainability, the PADI changing poncho is exceedingly soft and quickly wicks water away. The design makes changing, drying off and the overall dive experience even better – allowing a fast transition from wet… - Read More

AU$ 75.00

Starfish Kids Mask Snorkel Set Suits Ages: 4 to 7 years High visibility coloured snorkel top Packaged in a reusable carry bag Soft snorkel keeper to minimise hair tangles Easy breathing J style snorkel Available in colours: Blue or Pink - Read More

AU$ 27.00

Break your plastic habit with Tasini and PADI. This could quite possibly be our favorite stuffed shark – primarily because it makes conservation easy and fun. A reusable shopping bag, hidden inside a blue and grey, plush shark key chain, it is made from… - Read More

AU$ 24.95

Tour Mask Snorkel Fin Set High grade Silicone mask, fitting a wide face variety Pre-curved snorkel for optimal form and function Reflective snorkel top for safety Soft comfort pocket with channel performance blade Reusable Carry Bag for product protection… - Read More

AU$ 75.00

A new generation Ocean Pro Mask & Snorkel set designed with extreme comfort in mind. The elastic soft touch strap, not only feels comfortable and is simple to place and remove, it all but eliminates the potential of tangled long hair in straps and… - Read More

AU$ 99.00

Abyss Scuba Diving
The Dive Spots Of Nsw

The Dive Spots of New South Wales is an indispensable guide for all levels of diver and snorkeler, broadening their horizons on places to visit and dive/snorkel in New South Wales. Through extensive travelling and diving, Graham Willis and Johan Boshoff… - Read More

AU$ 39.95

Multi Tool

The most versatile Multi-tool on the market inclusive of the most important tools required to adjust reconfigure and maintain your Scuba Gear. The Oceanpro Multi Tool includes 3 Allen keys, Phillips and flat blade screw drivers, brass o-ring pic, shreader… - Read More

AU$ 22.00

Give the gift of diving. Buy a Gift Certificate for a friend and family member so they can do a Learn to dive course with Abyss Scuba Diving and become an open water diver.  .   - Read More

AU$ 499.00

The day consists of a double dive at Captain Cook Park Kurnell.The diver choose the dayand time.One of our dive professionals will take care of the rest and show you the weedy seadragons in their natural habitat..The day includes a double dive, all gear,… - Read More

AU$ 395.00

A gift card giving five double boat dives. Any gear rental tanks or air fills are extra. The standard price for a double boat dive is normally $120.   - Read More

AU$ 550.00

Abyss Scuba Diving
$100 Gift Certificate

Buy a $100 Gift Certificate for a friend and family member. We'll send it to them with your gift note.   - Read More

AU$ 100.00

To better enjoy the underwater world, you must understand it. This new and updated 3rd edition of The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving has everything you've ever wanted to know about recreational scuba diving and more. Here's just a sample of what… - Read More

AU$ 52.00

Abyss Scuba Diving
$250 Gift Certificate

Buy a $250 Gift Certificate for a friend and family member. We'll send it to them with your gift note. - Read More

AU$ 250.00

Abyss Scuba Diving
$500 Gift Certificate

Buy a $500 Gift Certificate for a friend and family member. We'll send it to them with your gift note. - Read More

AU$ 500.00

The SUBSABRE E1 packs a punch underwater, is simple to use and robust in design, all at a very attractive price. Waterproof to 50 metres and with three modes of operation, this compact light will not let you down no matter where you take it during your… - Read More

AU$ 64.00

Compact Dive Series Waterproof Heated Diving provides optimal comfort and durability in colder water. –  Rashguard T-shirt Style –  Keep You Warm in Wetsuit –  Heat Upper Back Core Area –  70 Meters/230 Feet Diving Depth –  1.5… - Read More

AU$ 799.00

Geo 4.0 has a brand-new stylish and sporty look! It features an updated display area with larger, crisper digits, Oceanic's patented Dual Algorithm, and Bluetooth connectivity through the DiverLog+ App for the ultimate mobile experience. For a limited… - Read More

AU$ 549.00