We train more freedivers than any other shop in Australia and as such we are the experts on freediving equipment. Check out our range and go with the freediving gear that will meet your needs.

The award-winning Paralenz+ dive action camera made for divers by divers for a life underwater. This camera has Depth controlled Colour Correction and is perfect for scuba divers and freedivers, Key Features: Automated DCC Depth controlled Color… - Read More

AU$ 799.00

The F10 freediving watch is more than just a watch, it is a fully featured freedive computer which is ideally suited for advanced snorkelling, freediving and spearfishing. This freediving watch maximises safety by enabling the freediver to monitor their… - Read More

AU$ 494.10

The Fluyd Fibra 151 Freediving Fins give the perfect connection between the foot-pocket and the blade enables a stronger push and reduces the strain, bringing great advantages to the muscles of the freediver.   Fin 100% FIBRA PREPREG Angle blade… - Read More

AU$ 398.00

The Salvimar ONE designed to specifically meet the needs of the most demanding freediver in apnea. It has all of the classic functions of modern digital watches the time, date, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, second-time-zone. The Salvimar ONE designed… - Read More

AU$ 299.00

A high-performance Technopolymer freediving fin for the keen novice freedive. Foot pocket/blade angle 29 Degrees Polypropylene Blade Natural rubber 55 shore stiffness Kevlar arch support band inside the injection moulded rubber for strength… - Read More

AU$ 299.00

As used by World Record Holder Andrea Vitturini who set the incredible depth record of 246.35m in 2017, the Fluyd Fibra 151 Fin Blades are by far one of the best performing and best looking freediving fins currently available in Australia. The Fluyd… - Read More

AU$ 199.00

Spacious freediving equipment backpack that houses a complete freediving set, long fins included and is Completely watertight. Features:- Spacious equipment backpack. - It houses a complete apnea set, long fins included. - Completely watertight. -… - Read More

AU$ 179.00

This Paralenz third person viewer allows you to get a third person view of you and your environment. The Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer accessory allows the Paralenz camera to be mounted your BCD with a magnet for hands free video during your dive. - Read More

AU$ 147.00

The Fluyd mask range by Salvimar Low volume Hydro dynamic Low profile design 3D nose design Amazing field of vision Tempered glass Antiallergenic silicone skirt Look like batman - Read More

AU$ 139.00

The Salvimar Neo mask is monoframe - meaning it boasts a large field of vission. The nose pocket is made with soft grade silicone making it easy to equalise. The silicone mask trap is micro-adjustable making it simple to fit it perfectly to your face… - Read More

AU$ 129.00

The Spirit Long Bladed Fins are a highly desirable, purpose designed freediving fin with special Tri-material construction technology. What's more they won't break your budget. They incorporate comfortable thermo synthetic rubber foot pockets… - Read More

AU$ 125.10

The Fluyd Apnea 100 Mask is a purist freediver mask. This dual lens design has been achieved to ensure a reduced internal volume for easier equalising and clearing. The anatomically designed lens is manufactured from a super tough and durable Polycarbonate… - Read More

AU$ 109.00

Enjoy the premium comfort of the Salvimar HT Weld Freediving Gloves Thickness: 3 mm Palms: HexaPU extra strong lining to avoid tears and provide outstanding grip  Ergonomic design for a great fit Ideal for spearos and free divers Double lined for… - Read More

AU$ 89.00

Very compact knife, total length inclusive scabbard 16cm, suitable for freediving blade stainless steel 420 with smooth and serrated sharpening, attractive new ergonomic handle, available in acid green. Device for easy release, designed to be fixed to… - Read More

AU$ 79.00

The Ocean Hunter Marseille rubber weight belt is a extremely flexible rubber which adjusts to wetsuit compression at depth, ensuring that the buckle does not slip around the body.  The roller buckle will always release on demand however will… - Read More

AU$ 79.00

Freediving Planet
Evolution 4 Lanyard

The Evolution 4 is a freediving Safety Lanyard has a u-shackle connection has been improved and designed for better safety. The Evolution 4 offers less drag along the cable and comes with a thinner neoprene strap. 90 centimetre length cable Light… - Read More

AU$ 79.00

The HT Weld socks by Salvimar are made of premium material with a 'welded' seam for added thermal protection and comfort. These socks are primary used in closed heal freedive fins, but can be used in dive boots. Enjoy the comfort! - Read More

AU$ 75.90

Made to fit any freediving Fins along with your mask and snorkel. Also comes with shoulder carry strap. NB: Price is for the Fin Bag only. - Read More

AU$ 59.95

The 3.5 mm thick Salvimar Drop Ergonomic Neoprene Socks feature a reinforced non-skid sole and are double lined. They make a great sock for use with full-foot fins in the tropics and temperate waters of southern Australia. They can be worn under thicker… - Read More

AU$ 52.00

Slippy is the latest in wetsuit lubricants! No smell, no skin irritants. Easily prepared, and cost effective. A single bottle makes over 16 liters of wetsuit lubricant, This powdered lubricant is perfect for travel, flies well with your dive gear, giving… - Read More

AU$ 49.00

New Extra soft snorkel Anatomic mouthpiece in silicone antiallergenic for prolonged use Adjustable height snorkel keeper Salvimar exclusive concept and design - Read More

AU$ 49.00

The Ocean Hunter Plush Socks are made of the industry’s most premium high-stretch neoprene materials, making them one of the most comfortable socks around! The plush lining makes these socks easy to put on and also provides additional… - Read More

AU$ 49.00

The Ocean Hunter Plush Socks are made of the industry’s most premium high-stretch neoprene materials, making them one of the most comfortable socks around! The plush lining makes these socks easy to put on and also provides additional… - Read More

AU$ 39.00