Avelo - Simply Better Scuba

Avelo - Simply Better Scuba

Welcome to Avelo Dive, a revolutionary brand redefining the scuba diving experience. We offer a unique range of courses and dive equipment designed with cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

Dive into an underwater adventure like never before with our game-changing Avelo dive system. This groundbreaking gear uses a water-based buoyancy control system, eliminating the need for traditional BCDs and weights. It's lighter, more streamlined, and contiously maintains neutral buoyancy, allowing you to explore the deep blue with greater ease and comfort.

Our Hydrotank, the heart of the Avelo system, is a lightweight scuba tank that integrates buoyancy control directly into its design. With just a press of a button, you can add or release water from the Hydrotank, controlling your ascent and descent effortlessly. It's intuitive, precise, and offers unparalleled buoyancy control, enhancing safety and maneuverability underwater.

Not only does the Avelo system improve your diving experience, but it also significantly reduces air consumption. Divers using our system can save up to 30% on air consumption, meaning longer bottom times and more opportunities to marvel at the beauty beneath the waves.

Whether you're a beginner looking to embark on your first scuba adventure or an experienced diver seeking to enhance your underwater journey, Avelo Dive has the perfect course and equipment for you. Experience the future of diving with Avelo Dive today!

View Course Avelo  Specialty Course (rad)
Avelo Avelo Specialty Course (RAD)
AU$ 699.00
View Course Avelo 2 Day Course
Avelo Avelo 2 day course
Abyss Price: AU$ 995.00 Recommended AU$ 1,100.00
View Course Avelo Instructor Course
Abyss Scuba Diving Avelo Instructor Course
AU$ 3,750.00
View Avelo Odyssey
Avelo Avelo Odyssey
AU$ 300.00
View Product Avelo Rental 10 Day Gear Card
Abyss Scuba Diving Avelo Rental 10 Day Gear Card
AU$ 672.00
View Days Avelo Rental
Avelo Days Avelo Rental
AU$ 84.00
View Product ADD TO CART Hydrotank Rental
Avelo Hydrotank Rental
AU$ 40.00
View Product ADD TO CART Jet Pack Hire
Avelo Jet Pack Hire
AU$ 44.00
View Course Private Avelo  Course (rad)
Avelo Private Avelo Course (RAD)
AU$ 999.00
View Product ADD TO CART Avelo Time To Fly T-shirt S
Avelo Avelo Time To Fly T-Shirt S
Abyss Price: AU$ 52.25 Recommended AU$ 55.00
View Product ADD TO CART Avelo Manta T-shirt S
Avelo Avelo Manta T-Shirt S
Abyss Price: AU$ 52.25 Recommended AU$ 55.00
View Package Avelo Dive System Waitlist
Avelo Avelo Dive System Waitlist
AU$ 100.00