Diving Computers

Dive Into the Future of Diving with Cutting-Edge Diving Computers


Are you ready to elevate your diving experience to new depths of precision and safety? Look no further than our state-of-the-art personal dive computer collection, meticulously crafted for passionate scuba divers like you. Explore the ocean with confidence, knowing that advanced technology is by your side every dive.

Unleash Precision with Dive Computers

What is a Dive Computer?

Dive computers are the modern diver’s best friend, combining the functionality of depth gauge, timer, and sometimes even a digital compass into a single, wrist-mounted device. These compact gadgets revolutionize dive planning and execution by providing real-time data on crucial parameters like depth, dive time, and decompression limits. Dive computers monitor dive information such as time, depth, and other relevant data to ensure safe and enjoyable diving experiences.

Why Choose Our Dive Computers?

  1. Advanced Technology: Our dive computers boast cutting-edge algorithms to ensure accurate and reliable data for every dive, keeping you safe and informed underwater. They also feature air integration, allowing you to track time, depth, and remaining air for a safer diving experience.

  2. Intuitive Design: Designed for ease of use, our Diving Computers feature intuitive interfaces and clear displays, allowing you to focus on your dive while staying informed effortlessly.

  3. Safety First: Safety is paramount in diving, and our Dive Computers prioritize your well-being by monitoring crucial metrics such as dive duration, depth, and ascent rate, and alerting you to potential risks during your dive.

Discover the Perfect Dive Computer for You

With our diverse range of dive computers, finding the perfect match for your diving needs is a breeze. We offer various styles, including wrist-mounted and console models, to suit different preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your underwater adventures, we have a Diving Computer tailored to enhance your experience.

Embrace Innovation with Our Latest Models

From compact wrist units packed with features to stylish watch-style dive computers that seamlessly transition from water to land, our collection showcases the latest innovations in dive technology. We offer a comprehensive selection of dive computers from popular brands like Shearwater, Suunto, and Oceanic, confirming our commitment to quality. Stay ahead of the curve with a Diving Computer that marries style with functionality.

Dive Deeper into Adventure

Unleash the explorer within you with a dive computer that unlocks new possibilities underwater. Dive computers provide crucial real-time information such as depth, dive time, remaining air, and safety limits to ensure safe diving and help you make informed decisions. Track your progress, plan multi-level dives, and analyze your data post-dive to enhance your skills and take your diving to the next level.

Make Every Dive Count with Our Dive Computers

Invest in your passion for diving with a Diving Computer that empowers you to dive smarter and safer. These devices can be connected to your air supply to show the remaining air and provide information on when to start the dive ascent. Browse our selection today and gear up for unforgettable underwater journeys. Dive into the future with confidence—dive with our Dive Computers.

View Product ADD TO CART Eon Steel Black With Usb Cable
Suunto Eon Steel Black with USB cable
Abyss Price: AU$ 1,424.05 Recommended AU$ 1,499.00
View Product ADD TO CART Suunto D5 Dive Computer Watch - With Usb Cable
Suunto Suunto D5 Dive Computer Watch - with USB cable
Abyss Price: AU$ 949.05 Recommended AU$ 999.00
View Product ADD TO CART Suunto Eon Core Dive Computer With Usb Cable
Suunto Suunto EON Core Dive Computer with USB cable
Abyss Price: AU$ 949.05 Recommended AU$ 999.00
View Product ADD TO CART Suunto Ocean Dive Computer
Suunto Suunto Ocean Dive Computer
AU$ 1,349.00
View Product ADD TO CART Suunto Tank Pod
Suunto Suunto Tank Pod
Abyss Price: AU$ 521.55 Recommended AU$ 549.00
View Product ADD TO CART Zoop Novo Dive Computer
Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer
Abyss Price: AU$ 407.55 Recommended AU$ 429.00