Scuba Gear PackagesWhether you are new to the sport of scuba diving or are a seasoned professional, a scuba gear package is the most economical way to buy your dive equipment. At the same time, you ensure that the equipment is balanced in terms of performance and comfort.

Scuba Gear Packages

View Product ADD TO CART Women's Package
Oceanic Women'S Package
Abyss Price: AU$ 2,429.00 Recommended AU$ 3,235.00
View Product ADD TO CART Instructors Recommendation
Oceanic Instructors Recommendation
Abyss Price: AU$ 2,299.00 Recommended AU$ 3,116.00
View Product ADD TO CART Professional's Choice
Oceanic Professional'S Choice
Abyss Price: AU$ 3,649.00 Recommended AU$ 4,865.00
View Product ADD TO CART Side Mount Package
Oceanic Side Mount Package
Abyss Price: AU$ 2,449.00 Recommended AU$ 2,896.00
View Product ADD TO CART Travel Package
Oceanic Travel Package
Abyss Price: AU$ 1,769.00 Recommended AU$ 2,357.00