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Single Seal Dive

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The seals are located a 10-minute boat ride from the Port Kembla Harbour. (We do not offer any transport from Sydney to Port Kembla).

Scuba diving with seals is one of the most thrilling underwater experiences imaginable. Seals are one of the most fascinating creatures you can ever dive with. All they want to do is play with you, and if you don't want to play with them then they will find someone or something else to play with.

The day includes:

  • Single boat dive
  • Divemaster services
  • Small groups to maximize interaction with the seals
  • Light lunch between dives

It is recommended that if you have not dived in the past 12 months that you do a refresher course before undertaking this dive.

The divemaster is there to help all divers but they are divemastering for up to 10 divers, but if you need your own private DM, this service is available for an extra $149.

We have been diving in the area or 18 years and have never seen a dangerous shark. Although the risks of encountering a dangerous shark in the areas are negligible, to ensure your peace of mind, we dive with the protection of a Shark Shield electronic shark deterrents.


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Normally there are between 20- 80 seals on the island and in the water around the island. The seals are wild animals and as such we cannot guarantee their presence or their interaction with the divers. Arrive at Abyss Dive Centre in Ramsgate no later than 2 hours before the departure time to collecting your gear. Departing from Foreshore road, Port Kembla the boat will adher strictly to the scheduled time, so please do not be late. Get ready for some fun and don't forget your camera. Transport to Port Kembla is not included in this trip and is your responsibility to organize and you are responsible for the collection and return of your rental equipment.  

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