Abyss Scuba Diving

Freediver Course

Course No. FD 19/09/2020

| Max. Places 4 | Places Available 3

AU$ 550.00

Taking the PADI Freediver course provides you with the proper skills and knowledge to freedive to a depths of between 10 -16 meters in the most relaxed and safest manner possible. As an introductory offer, the course includes a pair…

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  • Starts:Saturday 19th September 2020
  • Ends:Sunday 20th September 2020
  • 19 Sep 2020 Confined Water Session
  • 20 Sep 2020 Open Water Session
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Wetsuit, weights, mask, snorkel
Include the Advanced Freediver-, $447 (save $150)
If you are doing a course which includes a free seal dive then choose the date of your seal dive. The seal dive must be after the open water courses is completed. Because of social distancing restrictions, all divers must arrange their own transport to the dive in Port Kembla