Enth Degree is a range of Technical Performance Wear specifically designed for use in high-performance Water Sports. Tested in Australia & New Zealand’s harshest environments, our garments adapt to varying weather conditions and exertion levels and regulate your core body temperature.

​ Wet or dry, hot or cold, the Enth Degree garments help control your core temperature longer, enhancing your performance throughout.

The ultimate combination of flexibility, warmth and comfort in a lightweight package. The advanced thermal properties of all ED garments are immediately distinguishable in these Fernotherm3 gloves, coupled with the familiar four way stretch which gives… - Read More

AU$ 55.00

The Nekton Hooded Long Sleeve from Enth Degree for women is designed to keep you whole upper body warm during any type of in-water activity. This could be as a stand-alone while kayaking or as a second layer while cold-water diving. The 3 layers incorporated… - Read More

AU$ 209.00