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Dive Certificate Online Validation


Dive Certificate Online Validation

The process is now available online if you need to verify your certification or order a replacement card. We've compiled the links and information you'll need to get started.

Validate Your Certification with Major Certification Agencies 

  • PADI   PADI check certification, for PADI Members ( Instructor and Divemaster) use PADI Pro check

  • SSI      SSI check certification

  • NAUI   NAUI dive check

  • CMAS   CMAS dive check

  • SDI       SDI Certifications Check


Smaller Certification Agencies


Verify Certification

You should first verify certification when you're looking to hire scuba gear or participate in a scuba diving activity. Without proof of certification, all reputable dive centers will refuse access for you to go for a dive.



As the world's most recognised divers' certification card, a PADI certification card gives certified divers the best chance of having their dive qualifications recognised globally. Certified divers can be confident that they will be able to dive with other certified divers and dive centres around the world.

 PADI has 6,500 Dive Centres and Resorts worldwide, which makes it the most convenient diver certification card to possess. You can either get plastic or an ecard version of PADI via their app, making it much more accessible to everyone. The phone version is slowly becoming the most popular form of certification.

PADI open water certification card


Replacement Card

If you have lost your diver certification card, we suggest getting a new electronic one on the PADI app. If you are not certified by PADI, but your current certification is recognized by them, then you can do a PADI reactivation and receive a recognition card on the PADI App for your proof of dive training.

 PADI Reactivate Card